World Vegetarian Day, October 1

World Vegetarian Day is celebrated every year, on the 6th day of May every year. It was founded in 1999 with the objective of promoting vegetarianism and the spread of vegetarianism. Today, this day is celebrated in more than 180 countries worldwide, with the largest number of participants coming from China and India. In fact, the organizers made the event a social awareness campaign as well. Vegetarian Day also commemorates World AIDS Day. World Vegetarian Day, October 1


World Vegetarian Day

Vegetarian Day can be considered as the most important day for the vegetarians all over the world. The reason behind its creation was the growing concern and education about animal exploitation and the problems associated with meat. It was believed that it will help bring awareness and education about the dietary requirement for health and nutrition. The day also kick starts Vegetarian Awareness Month. Vegetarian Day is based on the vision of the north American vegetarian society to promote vegetarianism. Strengthen the veggie community around the globe. World Vegetarian Day has brought new attention to the message of veganism.



World Vegetarian Day

It has helped spread a message of unity and love to millions of people from different backgrounds and belief systems. For example, the organizers of the event estimate that it has reached more than 150 million people throughout the entire month of October alone! This makes the event a worldwide symbol of unity. To celebrate world vegetarian day, organizations and individuals organize many activities all over the world. While some choose to celebrate the day in a spirit of fun, others make it a serious occasion with great significance.



World Vegetarian Day

Some give out recognition to vegetarians, while others organize various seminars or workshops to teach the importance of a healthy meatless diet. A vegetarian cookbook is also considered to be an important ingredient of this healthy Monday. The following are some of the most noteworthy events of world vegetarian day: World Vegetarian Day is celebrated annually on the third October. Various groups and individuals take part in the activity. The participants of this activity include school students, adults, students from other countries and even celebrities.


World Vegetarian Day

Some of the events on this day include: International Vegans Day. World Vegetarian Health Day, World Vegetarian School Week and World Vegetarian Summer Festival. The event encourages people to embrace a healthy and varied vegetarian diet. Many people from different cultures look forward to this event each year to renew their commitment towards a healthy diet and to spread the vegetarian consciousness. Although the aim of the event is to celebrate a healthy and varied vegetarian diet. There are vegetarians who opt for a non-vegetarian world vegetarian day to improve their social status or to improve their health.



Vegetarian Day

There are many stories of celebrities who go vegetarian on World Vegetarian Day and have gone on to lead meat-free lives. It is believed that the celebrities choose not to eat meat because of the cruelty associated with the animal exploitation in the livestock industry. Leading carnivores such as Justin Beiber and Pamela Anderson have been perceived as supporting a non-vegetarian lifestyle. Because of their beliefs regarding animal rights and their public campaigns against blood circlet collection during video shoots.


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