World Standards Day

international standards Day, celebrated on October 14 each year, increases awareness about the need for the global standardization of products and its significance to the world financial system. in this day, participants of the global Electrotechnical commission (I.E.C.), the international Telecommunication Union (I.T.U.), and the worldwide requirements employer (I.S.O.) pay tribute to the concerted efforts of thousands of specialists around the world who formulate the voluntary technical settlement (an settlement amongst countries, institutes, and those as to what a product or method is, what it have to look like, and what it need to do or accomplish) published as the international requirements.\










history of global requirements DAY

The history of worldwide requirements Day goes back to a 1946 assembly in London, which birthed the introduction of the worldwide company for Standardization inside the following years. On October 14 every 12 months, the contributors of the I.E.C., I.S.O., I.T.U., other international standardization businesses, and those all around the world have a good time the collaborative efforts of specialists, volunteers, and indeed all who interact in standardization activities worldwide, drawing human beings’s attention to the importance of written requirements on the global economic system.












As the world continues to revel in fast globalization, in which markets in one-of-a-kind corners are an increasing number of turning into open, national boundaries are disappearing, and new challenges are rising, a technical wellknown applicable to all countries and people has grow to be pertinent. inside the U.S., global requirements Day is celebrated by using the standardization community in Washington, D.C., where an exhibition event is held, with a reception and a dinner gala.






In different elements of the arena, occasions are also held in respect of global requirements Day, which includes educational seminars and meetings and the same old international popular Cooperation contest held each yr to have fun the day.









in step with I.S.O., which merely acts as a conductor in an orchestra along with delegates from its member states, the process of adopting an offer as part of the international fashionable starts from the improvement of a draft that meets a certain market want in a specific location. as soon as advanced, individuals planned and then solid votes on the notion. This technique should soak up to about 3 years.










Year Date Day
2021 October 14 Thursday
2022 October 14 Friday
2023 October 14 Saturday
2024 October 14 Monday
2025 October 14 Tuesday


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