World Quark Day

world Quark Day is on January 19, a special day set aside to have a good time the delicious cheese referred to as quark – occasionally spelled ‘quarg.’ It’s slight, creamy, and lots higher on your fitness than ordinary cheese, so what’s not to love? Quark is a really versatile food and component that you may throw into sweet and savory recipes in location of cheese. It is going properly with pretty much everything and is flawlessly scrumptious eaten on its very own too.


Quark, or quarg, translates to ‘curd cheese.’ relying on what part of Europe you’re in, it could no longer even be taken into consideration cheese in any respect. irrespective of what it’s called, quark is a mild, creamy, and delicious cheese-like meals. The taste and texture are very similar to the Fromage blanc from France, or the paneer from India. however not like comparable South Asian cheeses that use yogurt, quark is constructed from soured milk and fermented.

while some arrangements of quark may have fat content material as much as 40%, for the maximum part, quark has a totally low-fat percent of round 10%. This low-fat content material makes it an extremely wholesome substitute for ordinary American cheese unfold. Protein makes up the rest of the quark, a excellent supply of protein for vegetarians. It has approximately three.5% protein in step with mass, which is double the quantity of protein in Greek yogurt.

The Queen of Quark is a German female whose call is unknown. She lives in Bavaria and is a quark enthusiast. A massive fan of healthful consuming and right diets, the Queen of Quark determined to have a good time global Quark Day so greater people ought to get to recognize about this ecu superfood. She has written a cookbook with many recipes and teamed up with a new york farm to have fun and proportion her love of quark with the us.

Quark may be made at home by heating a few buttermilk, or a aggregate of buttermilk and milk, to 200 stages in a gradual cooker and leaving it for a couple of hours. Then you turn off the gas and go away the milk to ferment in a single day. subsequent, sieve the curds through cheesecloth and let it grasp for a couple of hours, and also you’ll have your sparkling quark!


  1. So more people can eat quark

    Quark is tasty, versatile, and extremely healthy, but a lot of people don’t know about it. We want to share the joy and health benefits around.

  2. Quark is a great cheese substitute

    With its mild flavor and spreadable consistency, it is the best cheese substitute we know. It gives all the creamy goodness with none of the weight gain.

  3. It’s great for the gut

    Lots of people have trouble with digestion these days. The probiotics in quark are great for resetting the digestive system and getting it to work better.


Year Date Day
2022 January 19 Wednesday
2023 January 19 Thursday
2024 January 19 Friday
2025 January 19 Sunday
2026 January 19 Monday

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