World Post Day theme, October 9

World Post Day was founded to celebrate the advancement of the postal service and to recognize the work of volunteers who help make it all happen. Technological advancements might have allowed for e-mail to send messages within seconds. However, snail mail still holds an exceptional place in the world of postal correspondence. It is, simply, the best way to commemorate this beloved vintage mode of written communication throughout history. If you are looking for a way to give something meaningful to those who will be coming to celebrate World Post Day, consider getting a stamp of remembrance from the International postage Fund. The importance of World Post Day cannot be undermined. World Post Day theme, October 9




World Post Day theme

It is the perfect opportunity for all those involved in the postal industry to come together. Appreciate the hard work of their staff while also renewing their commitment to serving customers. This annual celebration is held in honor of the dedicated men. Women who work in various postal departments all around the world. When you combine the fact that this is a rare chance for many to get together and make such an important statement. It becomes evident just why World Post Day is so important.



While it is certainly one of the most busy times of the year for both the post office and for those who work in it. The fact remains that many areas of the country are relatively quiet on World Post Day. In the UK, the cities of Manchester and Edinburgh and, to a lesser extent, London, do not commemorate the day with anything other than a scattering of green ribbons.



Elsewhere in the UK, there are very few places where people are busier than usual on World Post Day. Across Scotland, people are even more reticent about celebrating the occasion as it falls in November. Across Europe, countries like Belgium, Portugal and Spain do not celebrate World Post Day until May. While in Germany, the only chance they have to get together is in October.



World Post Day theme

Across Asia and Africa, apart from Japan, Australia, India and Pakistan, the entire continent does not get together on World Post Day. However, things are different in South America. There are only a handful of countries that celebrate the occasion – Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. The postal services in these four countries cater to customers in their own special ways.


They send out postcards or they send coupons to their customers and let them know how important they are in their daily lives. For residents of Tokyo, Japan, the answer is a resounding yes. Residents of other Japanese cities – which include both metropolitan and suburban areas – do not celebrate world post day because they feel that it is too much of a hassle. A resident of Tokyo can send postcards home every year for free.



World Post Day theme

He or she may also choose to buy stamps online or spend a little extra on the postal system by buying a card from vending machines. But a resident of Tokyo will always have the opportunity to send his or her postcard home for free. With a little bit of effort, it is possible to make the World Post Day in Tokyo a little more interesting. Send postcards to the delegates of your favourite country and make sure that you send them before the deadline.

This way, every country will have an opportunity to show off its post-purchase value and the stamp duty is reduce. There’s no need for you to travel to Tokyo just to celebrate World Post Day – make it a part of your Diwali celebrations in any country.


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