World Post Day – 2021 October 9

World Post Day is October 9 and we’re pumped for a throw lower back to communique techniques of the beyond with some excellent old school letters. Mail service services have been in life for the reason that historical instances, and even though we can talk almost whatever (literally) on the contact of a button, there’s no denying the importance of our nearby postal services…or the pleasure of receiving a package deal inside the mail! international submit Day marks the anniversary of the establishment of the regularly occurring Postal Union, and it’s from this humble wellspring that the worldwide communications revolution began and keeps to at the present time.

whilst IS international put up DAY 2021?

international put up Day is on October nine every 12 months. The date changed into selected because it marks the anniversary of the establishment of the common Postal Union in 1874.

records of global submit DAY

Sending a letter is one of the maximum iconic acts of displaying a person you care. at the same time as we might not pay tons attention to the strategies or guidelines that pass into zipping our mail around the globe after we lick the stamp, it takes an worldwide crew to get birthday playing cards and on line buying from factor A to B.

Origins of what we now recognize because the postal provider date to ancient Egypt circa 2500 BC, at the same time as the oldest reliable postal carrier is observed in 550 BC Iran. various civilizations utilized a courier provider to bypass letters, messages, news, and parcels across empires spanning hundreds of miles, inspiring the cutting-edge idea of the mailman. america’s own postal provider dates again to Benjamin Franklin because the first postmaster wellknown in 1775.

On October nine, 1874, the conventional Postal Union turned into set up as a means of cooperation and regulation among its member states’ mail services — these days it lets in mail to go with the flow freely out of your mailbox to Timbuktu, and anywhere in between! In 1969, international submit Day turned into inaugurated at the Tokyo regular Postal Congress.

every 12 months, the UPU’s 192 member international locations celebrate international publish Day on October nine to mark the significance of regularly occurring mail and the UPU’s contributions to society and the global economic system. countries hold unique stamp exhibitions and launch new postal projects; India hosts a week-long birthday celebration each yr over the week of October 9.

As a testomony to bringing people collectively, the UPU hosts an international Letter Writing opposition for kids as much as age 15. Winners are decided on from every us of a and the world champion is selected by way of a UPU panel. now not best does this system sell literacy, but it continues the pleasure of looking ahead to the mail alive and nicely.


Year Date Day
2021 October 9 Saturday
2022 October 9 Sunday
2023 October 9 Monday
2024 October 9 Wednesday
2025 October 9 Thursday


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