World Photography Day, International Photography Day

Thursday, August 19 is World Photography Day. World Photography Day was founded in 1963 as a celebration of the wonderful art and science of photography. Each year, on the 6th May, people from all over the world gather in different cities, towns and countries to take part in this celebration. The International Photographers Association (IFPA) organizes Photography Day. This year’s World Photography Day theme is – “A Celebration of the Human Figure”. So, when is International Photography Day? The official celebration date is anytime between September and October, but there are actually many other times throughout the year when World Photography Day could happen. World Photography Day l International Photography Day


World Photography Day

World Photography Day celebrations usually occur around the month of August, during the second week of August. Many countries celebrate Photography Day with various events and festivals. This includes the Academy Awards, which is an awards ceremony for the best films and photographs taken throughout the year. Other countries celebrate Photography Day throughout the year, with different causes and reasons.

Many people who take part in Photography Day do it not only to get recognized but to also raise money for a good cause. One of the most common ways to promote World Photography Day. As well as any worldwide celebration, is by raising funds for a cause, like cancer research or child care. Many photographers choose to participate in World Photography Day to raise money for their favorite charities.



International Photography Day

In many instances, people will pay to have their picture taken for World Photography Day. In order to have a piece of history made available to everyone. Another reason why people take part in Photography Day celebrations. Is to have their pictures taken for the sake of their children. If you have three children, you can choose to have your pictures taken for Photography Day – either for yourself or for each of your children.


World Photography Day

Photography Day was actually create in order to recognize the importance of photography to society. It is actually a day when the public can go to a gallery or other place of interest and have their pictures taken for a very small fee. The whole idea behind World Photography Day was to encourage people to start taking more pictures, both amateur and professionally. Since the day is not officially recognize by the United States government. There are many countries all over the world that celebrate Photography Day as an annual celebration.


International Photography Day

Some countries celebrate with special events, like exhibitions and press conferences. Other countries simply choose to celebrate the day by showing off their best photography skills and the achievements of their photographers. In the United States, photographers who are internationally known will often attend World Photography Day. Exhibitions or press conferences in order to promote their work and their business.


Photography Day

A lot of photographers who are participating in Photography Day believe that the best way to share ideas. Show off their photography skills is to take pictures of things that interest the photographer. It is a nice thing to do, because while you are trying to create a picture and capture an element that seems interesting. It actually allows the photographer to have a little bit of fun and maybe even think about the subject of the image. If the photographer has a hobby or interest in a certain subject. It is much easier to remember what it was about that particular subject that allowed the photographer to capture it.



Photography Day

A good example of this would be the fact that most photographers probably only remember a specific moment in time when they took a photograph. But they might remember the colors of the flowers or the look of the cityscape when they clicked that image. Even if they can not pinpoint the exact cause that they capture the image. They can at least associate the image with a thought or idea that came to their mind at the time the image was taken. World Photography Day International


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