World Nutella Day

Nutella is a spread flavored with hazelnut and cocoa. First added in Italy in 1964, the product is famous at some stage in the arena. world Nutella Day, first held in 2007, turned into the brainchild of Nutella fanatic and blogger Sara Rosso. fans find it irresistible. each year Nutella maker Ferrero selects one Nutella lover to steer the birthday celebration. On February 5, Nutella lovers post pics, recipes, and messages affirming their love and loyalty to the popular spread.








international NUTELLA DAY sports

1.attempt it
if you’ve by no means tried Nutella, you can discover it at nearly any grocery store. choose up a bath of the creamy combination. setting it down is the difficult element.






2.Make it your own
There are plenty of recipes online for baking with Nutella, but that doesn’t mean you cannot give you your own. The organisation encourages fans to explore new thoughts for baking with Nutella, and to unfold the word while they come up with something delectable.







3.join the birthday celebration
global Nutella Day offers a bunch of opportunities for Nutella enthusiasts to get concerned. you could host a Nutella party, write a Nutella poem or music, or create a few Nutella art. you may also proportion pictures and recipes on social media the use of the hashtag #WorldNutellaDay.








  1. Nutella is magic in the mouth

    It’s the perfect combination of cocoa and hazelnut! People of all ages — kids, teens, and adults — go nuts for it. Chefs throughout the world can only wish they had come up with the combination that has put smiles on so many faces.


  2. It’s versatile

    The beauty of Nutella is that you can put it on almost anything. Kids eat Nutella sandwiches. You can make Nutella ice cream. You can bake Nutella cakes and brownies. Ferrero, its parent company, practically begs you to find a dessert in which Nutella won’t work.


  3. It was an accident

    There was a shortage of cocoa in the Piedmont region of Italy back in the 1800s. To stretch the supply, chocolate was mixed with ground hazelnuts, and the kids went crazy for it. When the cocoa supply returned, the kids refused to switch back. Nutella became the creamy version of the mixture, which was initially produced in blocks.





Year Date Day
2022 February 5 Saturday
2023 February 5 Sunday
2024 February 5 Monday
2025 February 5 Wednesday
2026 February 5 Thursday

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