World Day of Prayer 2022

World Day of Prayer is celebrated on the primary Friday of March each yr to encourage Christian women to interact in non-public prayer. Lead communal prayer within their task auxiliaries and associations. Girls have a strong feel of identification with the wishes of different ladies and children. Are higher acceptable to offer the correct assist. World Day of Prayer 2022



Considering that 1861, no matter robust resistance from the all-male undertaking forums. Women have hooked up a number of effective forums for foreign and home missions running immediately with and for girls and children. World Day of Prayer is an initiative of 1 such board, which goals to make the lives of ladies. Youngsters easier with the aid of supplying sources and support.




History of world DAY OF PRAYER

Within the nineteenth century, Christian girls of the U.S. Canada started out conducting cooperative activities to help women’s involvement in missions the world over. In 1887, Presbyterian women referred to as for an afternoon of prayer for home missions. Which the Methodist girls joined from 1892 to 1894 after calling for every week of prayer. The Baptist started out a day of prayer for foreign missions in 1891.



Forming a committee in 1897, women from six denominations would ultimately begin a united day of prayer for home missions. those women took turns inside the other taking part denominations and organized the common worship carrier. In 1912, the female’s Board of foreign Missions decided that there need to be a united day of prayer for overseas missions that could be located in extraordinary elements of the arena.



After the success of the Ecumenical Missionary conference in ny metropolis in 1900, a collection of laywomen prepared an interdenominational principal Committee for United study that organized courses, summer season meetings, look at days, and guides so that women can be up to date approximately the lives of ladies in other parts of the arena. these courses also enabled them to study biblical foundations and vital problems related to mission work.



Ladies took projects to organize interdenominational systems that had been powerful and cooperative in domestic and foreign missions. In 1908, the ladies founded the Council of women for domestic Missions that assumed obligation for the rehabilitation of immigrants and other social troubles, and for the training of the joint day of prayer.




  1. It affirms our faith

    World Day of Prayer affirms our belief and faith in Christ and humanity. It’s a day to remind us that good things happen when people come together for a cause.

  2. Encourages us to be of service

    World Day of Prayer makes us aware of our goodness. It encourages us to serve humanity and help those in need.

  3. It creates a sense of belonging

    Praying together, especially on World Day of Prayer, makes us feel like we are a part of a community. It instills a sense of belonging.


Year Date Day
2022 March 4 Friday
2023 March 3 Friday
2024 March 1 Friday
2025 March 7 Friday
2026 March 6 Friday

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