World cerebral palsy day

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is an unwelcome worldwide phenomenon. global Cerebral Palsy Day, which takes place annually on October 6, reminds us that there over 17 million humans impacted by means of this ailment. CP is one of the most commonplace bodily disabilities affecting the maximum vulnerable among us — youngsters. additionally, CP happens over the span of a child’s complete lifetime and not using a remedy. This year, turn out to be a catalyst for trade to assist improve the lives of these with cerebral palsy.










about Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy (CP) impacts frame movement and muscle coordination, is not hereditary nor contagious however is a lifestyles-long circumstance. Over 10,000 humans in BC stay with Cerebral Palsy. it’s miles the primary physical incapacity in children, and whilst many adults with CP work and lead efficient lives many are certain via therapy and device expenses that can be debilitating.












CP is a complex incapacity:

1 in four kids with CP can not talk
1 in 4 kids can’t walk
1 in 2 have an intellectual incapacity
1 in 4 have epilepsy.
CP is a lifelong incapacity and there is no regarded cure.









study extra: Infographic: what’s Cerebral Palsy?

CPABC applications and services

The Cerebral Palsy affiliation of BC (CPABC) has a robust roster of 12 packages and offerings that aid our network of over 1,000 contributors. From educational bursaries to recreational packages to help offerings. It’s all covered for the recipient of the budget or the attendee of this system.










We want to maintain supplying high-quality services however continue to be inclusive to humans of all one of a kind capabilities. with your aid, we can do it.









what’s international Cerebral Palsy Day?​

world Cerebral Palsy Day [WCPD] is a social motion of, via and for the CP community. global CP Day encourages action taken domestically to help understand the worldwide motion for change.








Our vision

To make sure that individuals with Cerebral Palsy have the identical rights, access and opportunities as all of us else.









Why can we need to raise consciousness?

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the maximum common bodily incapacity in adolescence and is likewise one of the least understood. here are reasons why we need to raise consciousness:









doctors are reluctant to make a analysis Many human beings receive ineffective treatment plans
Many individuals and their families lack get right of entry to to basic records and assist









Little cash is being spent on research
Many societies hold human beings with CP out of sight, out of thoughts and out of alternatives










Year Date Day
2021 October 6 Wednesday
2022 October 6 Thursday
2023 October 6 Friday
2024 October 6 Sunday
2025 October 6 Monday


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