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wikipedia day in history

Wikipedia Day on January 15 is an occasion that celebrates the delivery and formation of the website. almost every single man or woman within the international is aware of what Wikipedia is. while we look for some thing, a Wikipedia link is the primary component that pops up on our serps. it’s also a popular web site since it offers in-depth records and offers everything in a consumer-friendly way. So without similarly ado, allow’s dedicate these days to the information issuer that has been feeding us with information due to the fact that day one. happy Wikipedia Day!


there has been a time while students and researchers might want to undergo lots of books in a library to obtain information concerning a certain topic. This turned into the time when the internet had not reached the heights of innovation it has nowadays. but, the sector as we comprehend it, absolutely developed while this seek engine turned into shaped, and severa web sites were created to provide humans with statistics concerning several topics. this sort of famous web sites is Wikipedia — also called the free net encyclopaedia. Overseen by the nonprofit Wikimedia foundation, the website is recognized for facilitating the introduction and improvement of articles.

here’s a chunk extra on the records of Wikipedia. all of it started out when Jimmy Wales mounted Bomis, Inc., an internet portal business enterprise, in 1996. through March 2000, Wales had added “Nupedia” to the arena. This became a loose online encyclopaedia that had an editor in leader, and a team of folks who have been reviewing the facts published. In 2001, Nupedia turned into supplemented with a wiki software, and Wikipedia changed into released as a feature of Nupedia.com. however, after numerous discussions, Wikipedia changed into relaunched as an impartial website, and controlled to submit over 20,000 articles in its first 12 months! This included paintings in 18 special languages inclusive of French, German, Polish, Dutch, Hebrew, chinese, and Esperanto.

today, it has come to be one of the maximum visited websites inside the globe and has statistics regarding nearly each unmarried topic of hobby. but, colleges and universities do no longer allow the usage of Wikipedia in time period papers due to a lack of right references used by the web page.

how to have fun WIKIPEDIA DAY

1.shape a Wikipedia page
interested in understanding how Wikipedia works? Create a web page of your very own concerning a ebook, a movie, or a superstar you are unable to discover a Wiki page for.

2.Write a piece of writing
To rejoice the day, search a piece on the advantages and drawbacks of Wikipedia for students and write an editorial for publishing.

3.Do a take a look at on its use
discover how Wikipedia is utilized in assignments and whether it’s far the right source to quote, by using accomplishing an online survey of faculty-going kids.


  1. Its highlights the importance of Wikipedia

    The day highlights the importance of Wikipedia, how it helps people, and why it is so famous throughout the world.

  2. It also highlights its issues

    The day also looks at the issues of the site. Since the pages can be edited by users, they are not considered reliable sources in the world of academia.

  3. It promotes ideation

    The day serves the purpose of encouraging people to come up with unique website ideas of their own. Anything we once considered odd, can make it big if presented correctly.


Year Date Day
2022 January 15 Saturday
2023 January 15 Sunday
2024 January 15 Monday
2025 January 15 Wednesday
2026 January 15 Thursday

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