What is a computer virus? Symptoms of computer virus infection

We are all familiar with the name virus. We know that virus is something that cannot be seen. But very harmful. There are many viruses that can be prevented and there are many viruses that cannot be prevented. Like these viruses, there are many viruses that live inside computers. Viruses that are related to computers are called computer viruses. Just like viruses infect human body, computers are infected by viruses. What is a computer virus? Symptoms of computer virus infection




What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is a type of program that can copy itself without the user’s permission and cause damage. Computer viruses can spread from one machine to another, somewhat like a human body, just like a virus can spread from one human body to another. A terrible curse for computer users is called virus. Hackers do most of their hacking work by developing computer viruses.




Symptoms of computer virus infection –

We can roughly understand what a computer virus actually is. Now we will know what are the symptoms of computer virus infection. We use our computer with various external devices like – Pen-Drive, Hard-Drive, Card-Reader, Mobile etc., and we keep our computer connected to the Internet all day long and exchange various files. We do not check what is safe and what is not.

Also we visit many rock websites through internet and download and use many files, we don’t check which website is really good and which one is bad. When we get infected with a computer virus, we realize that there was actually something wrong with us.

Due to some of these mistakes the computer may get infected with virus. Many times we ourselves cannot understand when a computer virus has entered. Now I am going to discuss some things by which you can easily understand if your computer is infected with virus.





List of symptoms of computer virus infection –

Computer working slow –

A computer virus attack will slow down your computer. You may realize that your computer is running slower than before. Computer viruses reduce the speed of the computer immediately after the attack. Because as we said earlier computer viruses work alone without user permission. When viruses attack the computer, they start working inside, so the speed of the computer decreases or the computer works slowly.

If you realize that your computer is running slow than before, you should scan the entire computer with a good quality antivirus.




Computer starts late –

If you notice that your computer is starting later than before, or it takes a long time to open the computer, then you should understand that there is a possibility that your computer has been attacked by a virus.

If there are viruses attacking when you open the computer, they will be activated first, so you will be late to the main interface. Because then your operating system becomes very slow.




Restarting the computer manually –

There are very few reasons why a computer might restart on its own. A computer can restart itself for many reasons, but restarting repeatedly is not a good sign. A virus attack on the computer may cause your computer to restart repeatedly. So you should scan your computer with a premium antivirus.




Computer software not working properly –

If you notice that suddenly many software on your computer are not working properly then you must understand that your computer has been attacked by a virus. For computer viruses, the computer software is delayed in opening and as soon as it is opened, it is closed again and it also happens that the entire computer hangs due to the computer software.




Installing unknown software –

While you are working on the computer, suddenly you notice that some unknown software is installed on your computer, which you have never installed.

For computer virus attack, the visors automatically install these software on your computer.




Error message or system crash –

Computer viruses stay on your computer for a long time and sometimes show you error messages and restart your computer repeatedly without any reason. Again sometimes it gives you a notice of system crash then you have to understand that computer virus is the only responsible behind it.




Expect pop-up windows to run.

While working on the computer, sometimes pop-up windows appear in front of the hope, this is not a regular thing. If you do not know why these pop-ups are coming, then you must understand that there is a computer virus behind it.




Expect lots of ed cha –

Some virus enters our computer when we visit some other restricted website from our computer.

As a result, ads appear on your computer after a while. Which is very annoying. You can’t do anything right for that ad. And the name of these computer viruses is Adware Virus.

Apart from these reasons, there may be other reasons. If you ever feel that your computer is not behaving as it used to, you need to take action immediately. Otherwise you can lose your computer.




What to do if computer virus is infected –

By now you may be able to understand if your computer is infected with a virus. If the computer is infected with a virus then you should first use a premium antivirus software.

You should scan your entire computer with antivirus software. If it doesn’t work, restore the whole computer. Even if you don’t get results, then you should install a new operating system. Hope you get good results this time.




Finally I want to say –

By the symptoms of computer virus, you can understand whether your computer is actually infected with a virus.

And maybe you are now aware of what to do in case of an attack.

You should always keep in the game so that we don’t use anything unnecessary and don’t take care of your computer like your body.

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