What causes headaches? What to do if you have a headache?

There is hardly anyone who does not suffer from headaches. Sometimes it happens that it is not possible to do any work due to headache. We then become addicted to many types of drugs which, while providing temporary relief, permanently damage other parts of the body. There are about 150 types of headaches in medicine. Every headache has a specific cause. It is not right to ignore a headache. Just as headaches are caused by minor causes, headaches are also caused by major illnesses. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the cause of the headache with the full history and treat it properly.





What is headache and why?

Head and neck pain is mainly known as headache to us. The inflammation and tension of the blood vessels around the brain and head bones, nerves and their sheaths, muscles under the skin of the head, eyes, sinuses, ear and neck muscles, etc. are basically headaches. Headaches are mainly of two types. One of them is primary headache. Migraines, anxiety headaches, cluster headaches etc are primary headaches. The other is secondary headache. Sinusitis, mastoiditis, stroke, pain due to head injury, brain tumor etc are secondary headaches.





Anxiety headaches and treatment

The most common name for headache is anxiety headache. We are all familiar with this type of headache. Stress at work, lack of rest, long time worrying about something, even changing the position of the head during sleep can cause such pain. This pain is all over the head and is not very severe but lasts all the time. It seems as if someone has tied the whole head tightly with a rope or a towel. The pain does not increase with movement. Although this pain is less in the morning, its intensity increases as the day progresses. This pain increases with fatigue, fatigue, sleep disturbance. In this case, conventional pain medication can be taken. Remedial measures should be taken if the problem is chronic. If necessary, a doctor should be consulted.





Migraine and treatment

Migraine pain is more intense than a headache. Girls suffer from it more. This pain is usually felt on one side of the head. It’s not constant but intermittent and gets louder and louder. It seems like someone is hitting the head with a hammer every now and then. The pain is aggravated by light and physical exertion, so the patient likes to lie quietly in a dark room.




Migraines can last from a few hours to a few days. Sometimes it can also be caused by problems in the body’s digestive system, blood circulation in the brain. Having a family history of migraines is somewhat genetic. There is no cure for migraine yet. However, some medications are regularly used to prevent migraines. Apart from this, you can stay away from migraine by doing some regular exercises. However, no medicine can be taken without a doctor’s advice.





Cluster headaches and treatment

This pain usually occurs around the eyes. This type of headache starts suddenly and is quite severe. The pain starts from any side of the head and goes behind the eyes. Happens at a certain time and several times a day. Its duration can be from 5-10 minutes to 3 hours. In cluster head, the eyes are red, watery, swelling around the eyes, the nose may be blocked, and the vision of the eyes is also slightly disturbed.




Such headaches are aggravated by intense lights, smells and sounds. Occurs at a certain time during the day and night, takes a certain time, so it is called a cluster headache. There is no specific treatment for cluster headaches. Medicines are given only to reduce the intensity and duration of pain. For this, any pain killer can be consumed as per the advice of the doctor. Nasal sprays provide some relief.





Sinus and treatment

There are small spaces between the two sides of the nose bone and the forehead bone. These are called sinuses. These spaces contain air that balances the load in our brain. If the lining of these sinuses is inflamed, wind and cold accumulate. This results in severe pain in the area of the sinuses.




This is known as sinusitis/sinus headache. This pain is accompanied by nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing and fever. In addition to pain killers, antihistamines are used for pain. Nasal sprays are also used for nasal congestion. In severe cases a doctor should be consulted.




Secondary headache and treatment

Any type of brain problem such as tumor, seizure, any infection in the blood vessels of the brain can cause this type of headache. This type of headache should be treated without delay by a doctor. Because the longer you delay, the more likely the loss rate will increase.




Chronic Daily Headaches and Treatment

A headache occurring every day of the month is called a chronic daily headache. Try to be worry free. Stick to a specific sleep routine.




Hormonal headaches and treatment

Headaches are often caused by hormonal changes in the body of girls. This is called a hormonal headache. This pain is usually caused by the decrease in estrogen hormone during or before menstruation. Apart from this, headaches occur during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. No separate treatment is required for this. However, if the pain is too much, taking pain killers on the advice of the doctor will provide relief.




Sexual headache and treatment

Headache may occur during or before intercourse between husband and wife. Its name is sexual headache. Usually, this type of pain occurs due to increased blood pressure in the brain during heavy exertion. This pain is not very severe and heals in a while. One of the reasons for this is high blood pressure. Therefore, if such a problem occurs, you should take high blood pressure medicine with the doctor’s advice.




Psychogenic Pain and Treatment

Sometimes headaches occur for no apparent reason. Even when you are upset, you get a headache. This is called psychogenic pain and this pain has a psychological cause. This pain will never get better without psychiatric counseling.




Just like drinking too much tea or coffee causes headache, many times you get headache even if you stop drinking tea or coffee. Regardless of the cause or type of every headache, the pain is the same. So find the right reason and take measures to remedy it.

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