If you want to study in Poland but do not have an IELTS certificate, we can help you.

Bursaries for graduates, graduates, and doctoral students are now available through the Polish Scholarship

. There are many international students every year who choose to study in Poland

Poland does not need IELTS testing at its many universities and study programs.

Several fields are offered at lower levels and degrees, including medicine, engineering, personality, business

Graduates with a Bachelor, Master's, or Post-Doctoral Master 'Degree may apply.

Financial aid is available to students from Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland

The International Visegrad Fund offers a scholarship to students pursuing Bachelor's, Masters

Students selected by the funding organization to receive the bursary are eligible to receive it in one or two semesters

You can learn more about Visegrad Fund by visiting its website. Application deadlines are important.

Are you interested in learning Polish, or have you already said something? POLONISTA Scholarships

Lukasiewicz and Banach are two learning programs that develop ideas for young people.