Hardik Pandya, with his outstanding peroxide paintings, combines the fascination and swagger of a modern Indian cricket player.

shows no signs of playing it safe, Pandya is a modern icon of strength on the Indian side

young people in modern times, Pandya made a name for himself in the world during the IPL

He made the world wake up when he was under pressure and came off well in difficult situations

the Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament that culminated in a national contract

Pandya is new to the Indian team and has played some excellent runs by hitting in ODIs

he has already out 20 runs in pressure situations and remains an important cog in the ODI fold

His approach however, no matter how useful the ODIs, are not fake wickets

he is certainly the much needed balance on the side. If he remains stable in the midst of all the splendor

Pandya came out as a mature cricket player, from his 93rd happy-go-lucky in Cape Town

the best balls at times, he seems to have an amazing ability to chase down batsmen,

He remains a key figure in the plans for the 2019 India World Cup, providing much-needed balance on the sidelines