the Indian cricket center, Shivaji Park Gymkhana in Mumbai, Pravin Amre saw a boy

After a slowing attack in his college days, Iyer secured a place in the 2014 Under-19 World Cup.

After performing poorly on slow tracks, Iyer was sent to play for the Trent Bridge cricket team in England

Iyer hit something high, hitting 297 runs in 3 innings with an average Bradman-esque 99.

The Trent Bridge stint has given his confidence the power to rejuvenate to continue and perform outstanding performances

He made more than 50 appearances in the Vijay Hazare Cup and the subsequent Ranji Trophy

In the subsequent seasons at Ranji, his running capacity was in line with humor as he collected 1321 runs

His beat rate was even more impressive and he soon compared it to Indian batsman Virender Sehwag

Iyer's method is a typical stroke player, built to take the line and length early and play on the ball line

After hitting 202 off 210 balls in a warm-up match against Australia ahead of the home game 

Shreyas Iyer received a total of 2.6 Crores for a total of 10 Lakhs and won the most unbeaten player

the 2016 season made a big difference to Iyer as he made only 30 runs in the six innings that Delhi