Dinesh Karthik was one of the many wicket-takers tried by India during the Ganguly period of Indian cricket

Karthik started making the list of candidates after a series of centuries in the 2002/03 season

Karthik quickly caught the public's eye when he played for the first time in India in ODIs

the Lord is engraved on the Indian Cricket Times timeline. aficionados since then

He was awarded the first Test match at a minefield in Mumbai in late 2004 against Australia.

Karthik has returned to the team as a batsman but failed to knock down Dhoni in the wicket-keeping area.

Karthik's keeping, however, required much work; it was a mistake that led to him being axed on the side of Tamil Nadu

Karthik probably missed out on playing at the highest level of his time

Dinesh Karthik's struggle to break free had no effect on his IPL career as he was selected as the first IPL

two years in the Delhi franchise, Karthik moved to Kings XI Punjab in the 2011 program.

2013 was Dinesh's year of wasting water as he hit 510 runs from 19 innings in the Mumbai victory campaign

Dinesh Karthik has been in the Indian ODI circle since before MS Dhoni. After his running game Michael Vaughan