Prodigies are common in Indian cricket. What is unusual about Ishan Kishan's journey is that his roots are from Jharkhand

the only big and perhaps most significant name that came out of a recent recording

Kishan began his quest for fame in 2016 when he was selected to lead India's under-19 team at the U-19 World Cup

in a tournament where Rishabh Pant illuminated the scoring charts, he took India to the finals

He quickly turned his attention to Ranji's next home season - becoming Jharkhand

During post-Dhoni in Indian cricket, he threw his hat at the wicketkeepers' club waiting for the wings

A young Jharkhand wicket-taker who has made a name for himself with an offensive cricket

Ishan Kishan has benefited greatly from the IPL-provided area. He was impressed with his low performance

the 2018 IPL auctions, when the Mumbai Indians won a bidding war and paid for his services with INR 6.2 crores.

After a promising start to the 2018 season, his form came out in the middle of the tournament

 the 21st 62 whirlwind against the Kolkata Knight Riders, including six in a row in Kuldeep Yadav.

he managed to end the season with an excellent strike rate of close to 150.