Competitive cheerleading, like football and basketball, is a sport. Not only is it competitive, but it's also physically demanding

The description of a sport is'an exertion involving physical exertion and frequently in a competitive nature

Cheerleading requires a lot of skill and physical exertion, which thus qualifies it to be a sport, just like numerous others.

Still, cheerleading has had a advanced rate of injury over time than 23 of the 24 sports National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Before this week, the IOC commission suggested to fete cheerleading as an sanctioned Olympic sport

National Junior All Girl Team, and she said the commission's decision just confirms the hard work they do.

Not only is cheerleading considered to be one of the hardest sports, but a recentPediatrics" plant that cheerleading

Cheerleading is the hardest sport because of how we win. Unlike other sports, we can not win just because we' scored a touchdown

Still, cheerleading is a hard sport if you want to exceed in it, If a platoon is unthinkable also you know those kiddies

Competitive cheer consists of hard to do, tumbling, suppressing, jumping, dancing, handbasket tosses, and conglomerations

Cheerleading, by description, isn't an extreme sport. An extreme sport is considered an exertion that involves a high degree of threat

This argument has been going on for times about if cheerleading is a sport or not. Which in my opinion it most defiantly is.