Ways to increase the loading speed of a website or blog

How to speed up the blog? Tips to speed up the blog! ‘100% Effective Tips to Increase Blog Loading Speed’ Today you will get the answer to this question Read the post patiently for details. Ways to increase the loading speed of a website or blog






The loading speed of the blog plays a very important role to be successful in blogging Moreover, it also affects the visitor According to a survey, if the loading speed of the blog is more than 3 seconds, then the blog site loses almost half of its traffic.







No one wants to waste time in this busy world So as a blogger we should increase the loading speed of the blog site so that it can serve the information to the visitors quickly So today I am discussing 10 effective tips on how to increase blog loading speed, which will 100% benefit you.






First, you should test your blog’s loading speed, for this, you can use Google page speed Insights or Pigdon tools. After following today’s tips, check your blog loading speed again to understand the improvement!






100% effective tips to increase website or blog loading speed
Follow the tips below:








1. Using Amp Templates

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure So you need to select Clean Coded template before choosing Template For that you can search on Google You need to check Loading Speed ​​with Google page speed

You have to use an appropriate template according to your niche








If your blog niche is about news then you must use News Template Because it has proper coding and works well

If you want you can use Amp templates which load really fast Besides, they have a clear layout and are very responsive







2. Stop using extra images

Although images make any article more interesting, using too many images can slow down the loading speed of your blogger site posts.

Blogger posts take a long time to load due to the fact that images usually take up a lot of space

Due to the use of images, the post is much more informative, so the images should be compressed while uploading the images to the blog

You will find many free image compression sites on Google which will help you reduce the size of images You can site TinyPNG if you want

Compressed images take less time to load webpages This affects your entire blog site to take server load








3. Stop Using Unnecessary Widgets

Adding additional widgets means adding more code to your blog Hence the loading speed decreases

So remove useless widgets from your blog today This will increase the loading speed of your blog site







4. Reduce the number of posts assigned to the homepage

An excessive number of posts on the homepage adversely affects the loading speed of the blog

Because more posts on the homepage mean more data on the server which slows down the loading speed That’s why to increase blog loading speed you should put 5-6 articles on your homepage which will increase blog loading speed.

To do this first you need to go to blogger settings Then from there go to “Post, Comments & Sharing” and make 5-6 posts shown on the main page After that click on “Save Setting”.







5. Stop using extra ads

Ads are nothing but javascript, the extra code will eventually make your site work very slow

Moreover, using too many Ads has a negative impact on visitors Excessive ads are annoying to visitors

So don’t use more than 2-4 Ads in any of your posts This will improve your user experience and blogger loading speed







6. Avoid background images

Many bloggers use a background images to make the article more interesting Background image takes up a lot of bandwidth which affects website loading

Generally white background color does not affect the loading speed much It also provides the better user experience

So don’t forget to use the background image







7. Avoid Popup Widgets

Many people use popup widgets on blogs But remember again, using extra Widgets means using extra Javascript Which slows down the loading speed of your blog

Moreover, it is very annoying for blog visitors So no visitor prefers to use it







8. Do not add additional CSS files or scripts

If you improve the font size of your Blogger template externally or in the template code, it takes a bit more bandwidth.

As a result, your blog takes longer to load So, stop using extra CSS code or Scripts







9. Avoid using Javascript code

Javascript is really dangerous for blogs Due to which your blog may not load properly fast

If you use additional Javascript code, sometimes your site will turn white before fully loading

So, don’t use extra JavaScript






10. Use a CDN


The full form of CDN is a Content Delivery Network. You can use CDN, which will distribute data to your visitor from the nearest server in different countries It works as a global grouping

If you want to use a CDN for free, you can check out Cloudflare which offers services for free blogs







Some related questions and answers

How to speed up the blog?

So to increase the loading speed of your blog, you need to confirm these aspects; blog articles cannot have additional ads or images, unnecessary widgets or pop-ups and javascript must be removed.

Moreover, you can use CDN if you want






Why is my blog so slow?

There can be many reasons for slow blog site, among them the template you are using is not properly optimized for speed

Also, one of the reasons is uploading uncompressed images on your blog which affects the loading speed of the blog very badly.






How important is page speed to SEO?

Page speed is now a big ranking factor after the Google speed update.

Slow page speed increases the bounce rate of the blog which can indirectly harm the blog







last word

These were useful 10 tips to increase blog loading speed which are really very useful

Be sure to follow these tips and test your site’s speed with Google Page Speed ​​Insights

Also, if you need more advice, how about commenting?

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