Ways to earn money by YouTubeing and blogging?

Friends, how to earn money by YouTube and blogging? Today we will know about this step-by-step. So that you can easily earn money by blogging and YouTube.










Ways to earn money by YouTubeing and blogging?

How to earn money by YouTube?

Earn by YouTubeing: First you need to create a YouTube channel. Many people create a channel of their choice. But what you need to keep in mind is not to create a channel. You must have a niche. That is, why do you create a YouTube channel? Or what kind of video to upload to your YouTube channel?








That’s why you need to have a niche. Based on this nis you have to upload your youtube channel video. So nicely what kind of video you want to upload in your youtube channel,,, live for such a proper name youtube channel. And create a professional YouTube channel.









After creating a YouTube channel professionally, your task is to upload videos. Yes, uploading videos to your YouTube channel is the main task of your YouTube channel. And this is the main task of earning money from your YouTube channel. One thing to be clear here is that you can’t just upload whatever video you want.








The videos you upload must be your own content. Never upload someone else’s video to your YouTube channel. You can even use someone else’s music, pictures, video clips, etc. in your video. If you use them, you may even get your YouTube channel suspended. So you must avoid them and upload your YouTube channel videos.











How to start earning money from YouTube channel?

How to start earning money from YouTube: You will start earning money from your YouTube channel very easily. For that you have to fulfill some conditions of YouTube. And then you need to join YouTube’s partner program. From then on your income is likely to start from YouTube.








There are certain conditions for joining the YouTube Channel Partner Program. These conditions must first be fulfilled by you. 1000 Subscribes and 4000 Hours of Watch Time on your YouTube Channel. If you can fulfill these two conditions within 12 months, you can apply for your YouTube channel monetization. That is, you can apply for YouTube channel partner program.








After applying your channel will be reviewed. And the result will be announced in a few days. If your channel’s partner program is activated. Then you can start earning money from YouTube. You need to create another account to start earning. And that is Google Adsense account. From this account you can start earning on YouTube channel.









Some of your personal information as per NID card information is required to create adsense account. When your AdSense account is approved. Then you can advertise on your YouTube channel. Then when people watch the ads on your YouTube channel videos, your income will start on YouTube.










This is how you can start showing video ads on your YouTube channel. Now the question may be how to withdraw the money of the YouTube channel? Yes, friends, now we will know how you can get YouTube channel income.









How to withdraw money from YouTube?

How to withdraw money: When you earn money by watching YouTube channel ads through Google Adsense,,,, then the money of that YouTube channel will be added to Adsense account. When your income in this adsense account will be 10 dollars. Then Google will send a letter to your address. And a pin will be given in it. If you submit this pin code to AdSense account, your address will be verified.









Then you can add any bank account in your country if you want. After adding bank account you have to wait till 100 dollars. When you earn 100 dollars in AdSense, Google will automatically send money to your bank account. By doing this, you will easily get YouTube money.









Ways to earn money by blogging?

Blogging Income: For blogging you need to create a website. One of the most popular platforms for blogging these days is Blogger. If you want, you can create a website through this blogger. After creating the website, you have to design the website.






Designing a website requires a theme. You can easily design your website with this theme. After designing the website you have to write different types of writing or articles on your website. But you don’t have to write nonsense articles as you wish. Articles must be unique and needed by people.









If not, you tell who will want to wear your website articles. But remember never copy other’s article and publish it on your blog i.e. website. You don’t have to do everything. You must do all the work including writing the article yourself with the help of someone else. And this is the main function of your website. That is blogging.









How to start earning money by blogging?

How to start Blogging Income: Just like before you need to create adsense account here too.  I talked about AdSense on YouTube Here you need to create an AdSense. You must have a NID card to create an Adsense account. And according to NID card you need to create google adsense account.









Now you create a separate AdSense account for your website. Then after reviewing your website and getting approved, you can place various types of advertisements on your website. The more people see these ads, the more income will come to your Adsense. And in this way, you can easily start earning money on the website through Adsense.










How to withdraw money?

First you need to have $10 in your adsense account to withdraw money. Then how will you get a letter at your address. This letter code must be submitted to Google AdSense. By doing this your AdSense address will be verified. Then you have to earn more on google adsense through website.









When you have $100 in Google Adsense to earn. Then automatically Google will transfer your money to your bank account. If you want, you can add bank account easily by verifying the address after 10 dollars. This is how you will get money through the website.










Dear friends hope you all understand how to earn money online easily by youtube and blogging. If you have read the article carefully then you must have understood the details. If it is difficult to understand, then please comment.

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