Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day is widely known yearly on February 6 to commemorate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding file. these days is recognized as a public excursion in New Zealand, until the date falls on a weekend, in which case the Monday that without delay follows turns into a public vacation. Ceremonies take vicinity at Waitangi and everywhere in the us of a to commemorate the signing of the treaty.








Waitangi Day is New Zealand’s country wide day, because of this the brand new Zealanders get a much-needed day off from work! though that is a public holiday in step with the us of a’s laws, it’s also a time to mirror on the controversy that surrounded the Treaty of Waitangi and its consequences at the modern society.







On February 6, 1840, the Treaty of Waitangi changed into first signed through the representatives of the British Crown and greater than 40 Māori chiefs. 5 hundred Māori chiefs joined in to signal copies of the







treaty by using September 1840, which had been sent around New Zealand.

The Treaty of Waitangi outlines the ideas to which Māori chiefs and British officers made a political agreement to form a nation-state and set up a government. due to great variations between the Māori and English language versions of the Treaty, there was tons war over the treaty in terms of land ownership and has due to the fact that been a subject of rivalry.








Waitangi Day was formally celebrated in 1934 and in 1957, it become proposed as a public vacation by the brand new Zealand Labour birthday celebration in their birthday celebration manifesto. Later in 1973, regulation became handed to apprehend this date as a nationwide public vacation. but, renaming the date as New Zealand Day drew complaint because it seemed to decrease ‘Te Tiriti’. In 1976, the Waitangi Day Act restored the former name and declared it a public vacation.








these days, Waitangi Day is well known all through New Zealand every 12 months on February 6. The Waitangi Treaty Grounds wherein the file turned into first signed is a exceptional area to learn about the Treaty of Waitangi any time of the 12 months.






  1. It celebrates New Zealand’s history

    Every year on February 6, New Zealand celebrates the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. It’s a reminder of the long history surrounding the signing of the document that led to the creation of this day. It also sheds light on the controversy that followed the signing and the effect it had on society.



  1. It’s a national day

    It is also a celebration of the rich Māori culture. While most people indulge themselves in the celebrations, some use this day to protest.


  2. It highlights Māori Culture

    On this day, New Zealanders come together to celebrate with activities inspired by Māori culture. These include traditional Mori food, kapa haka performances, and tree planting to commemorate the coming together of people.



Year Date Day
2022 February 6 Sunday
2023 February 6 Monday
2024 February 6 Tuesday
2025 February 6 Thursday
2026 February 6 Friday

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