Victory day of Bangladesh

additionally called Bijoy Dibos, Bangladesh Victory Day is widely known on December sixteen each year. The event commemorates the victory of the Bangladesh and Indian forces over the Pakistani forces within the Bangladesh Liberation battle in 1971, at some stage in which close to 3 million Bangladeshi have been killed, even as 10 million have been made refugees. Bangladesh celebrates its Independence Day on March 26, however that is when the atrocities of this conflict started. It finally ended nearly 9 months later, on December 16. that is an critical day for a few Asian international locations — Kazakhstan received independence on this day too.












all of it began with India’s independence, back in 1947, which created the dominion of Pakistan. This intended Pakistan now had two separate areas on either aspect of India — West Pakistan and East Pakistan — which brought about friction between the two regions. On March 26, 1971, when Bangladesh received independence, it kickstarted the Liberation warfare. This genocide started out with the launch of Operation Searchlight, as West Pakistan (now Pakistan) cracked down on East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).











The human beings of Bangladesh then took it upon themselves to partake in a warfare to benefit independence from Pakistan. This gain got here on the value of innumerable losses. Mukti Bahini, a guerrilla resistance movement comprising the Bangladeshi army and civilians, changed into created to fight this war. This guerrilla war lasted for a complete of 9 excruciating months. In November, India took part within the battle, assisting Bangladesh. rapidly after, they defeated the Pakistan navy, sooner or later ending the warfare on December sixteen, while Pakistan surrendered at Ramna Race path in Dhaka.











Victory day of Bangladesh

one of the most historic moments become the famous Blood Telegram, written by Archer Blood, an American diplomat. The strongly worded letter protested towards the atrocities dedicated for the duration of the war. nicely, it’s really worth analyzing for yourself, in Blood’s phrases: “Our government has failed to denounce the suppression of democracy. Our government has did not denounce atrocities. Our government has did not take forceful measures to defend its citizens while at the equal time bending over backward to placate the West Pakistan-dominated government and to reduce any deservedly poor global public relations impact towards them. Our government has evidenced what many will don’t forget moral financial ruin.










but we have chosen no longer to intrude, even morally, on the grounds that the Awami warfare, in which alas the overworked time period genocide is applicable, is solely an internal remember of a sovereign state. personal individuals have expressed disgust. We, as professional civil servants, specific our dissent with modern-day policy and fervently wish that our authentic and lasting pastimes here may be described and our guidelines redirected in order to salvage our kingdom’s role as a moral chief of the unfastened world.”











  1. Wear red and green

    Adorned in traditional green and red dress, the people of Bangladesh hold rallies to remind themselves of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country.









  1. Witness military parades

    A military parade is held at the National Parade Square in Dhaka, with the prime minister in attendance. The army marches while the air force flies above.









  1. Respect the Martyrs’ Memorial

    The best way is to simply remember the martyrs. People walk to the National Martyrs’ Memorial, the national monument of Bangladesh, to lay flowers in the memory of martyrs.




    1. Cultural significance

      Naturally, the war became a topic of great importance in Bangladeshi culture, influencing cinema, literature, history, the media, and the arts. An unforgettable victory.



    1. Important in India too

      This day is also commemorated across India as Vijay Diwas to honor not just the Bangladeshi, but also Indian martyrs who sacrificed themselves in the war. India’s support was instrumental in Bangladesh’s victory over Pakistan.



    1. Global recognition

      Bangladesh may have gained independence in March, but that was just the beginning of their horror story. That ordeal ended nearly nine months later, on Victory Day. Most United Nations members were quick to recognize Bangladesh within months of its true independence.





    Year Date Day
    2021 December 16 Thursday
    2022 December 16 Friday
    2023 December 16 Saturday
    2024 December 16 Monday
    2025 December 16 Tuesday

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