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Union Day in Myanmar on 12 February is a countrywide excursion. the holiday commemorates the signing and passage of the Panglong settlement, which united Burma in 1947. In principle, the settlement recognized general freedom in governance for the Frontier areas and envisaged the Constituent assembly growing a Kachin nation.








history OF UNION DAY

Union Day commemorates the 1947 Panglong convention, which came about within the months preceding the u . s .’s independence from the British. according to bills, the conference inside the hill city of Panglong become important in bringing the united states of america’s various multi-ethnic human beings together to form a cohesive and subsequently sovereign nation.






Myanmar (previously known as Burma) came under British management in 1886, but the British drew a distinction among how imperative Burma became ruled and how various ethnic businesses within the surrounding regions have been ruled.






Following the give up of WWII, trendy Aung San, the meantime Burmese authorities’s chief, convened at Panglong with leaders from the Shan states, the Kachin hills, and the Chin hills to speak about Burma’s future. They came to an agreement on February 12, 1947, which changed into signed and exceeded. The agreement reunited Burma and required that the British administration grant all of Burma its freedom.





The Panglong agreement was signed by using Aung San, Myanmar’s country wide hero and period in-between president, as well as some ethnic minority leaders who agreed to join the Union of Burma in return for federal authority.




The agreement was a watershed moment in Myanmar’s history since it paved the manner for Burma’s independence in January 1948. The settlement additionally gave ethnic leaders the choice of seceding from the union if they have been sad with the new nation.




Aung San, alternatively, did no longer live to look Burma gain independence. He changed into killed on July 19, 1947, just months before the u . s . won independence. Then, in 1962, a navy coup ushered in almost half a century of navy dictatorship. Burma changed into renamed Myanmar with the aid of the army government in 1989.






  1. It celebrates the heroes of independence

    This observance is aimed at recognizing the efforts of those who fought for Myanmar’s independence. Their efforts were crucial to freeing the nation from British control.


  2. It’s a key moment in Myanmar history

    Union Day marks an important page in the country’s history. Burmans will celebrate this holiday for many years to come as a crucial piece of their country’s origins.



  1. It’s a reminder of peace and stability

    Union Day is an important reminder of the sacrifices made to promote peace in the region. It is an inspiration that future generations can learn and build from.




Year Date Day
2022 February 12 Saturday
2023 February 12 Sunday
2024 February 12 Monday
2025 February 12 Wednesday
2026 February 12 Thursday

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