UN English Language Day

English Language Day is well known on October 13 to commemorate the day Parliament changed into opened for the first time by using a speech in English, in 1362, rather than in French. The day also celebrates the universality of the language, and how it has developed over the centuries.











pupils believe that there’s no proper version of the language, as over 7,000 variations of English can be discovered in the global proper now. English has additionally adopted many words from other languages. other than speech, English has also come to be the primary language for films and television suggests, literature, and music.











The English mission released the arena’s first-ever English Language Day on October thirteen in 2009. English Language Day is widely known to commemorate October thirteen, 1362, whilst Parliament turned into opened for the first time with the aid of a speech in English, in preference to French. in the identical Parliament, a Statute of Pleading was authorized that allowed participants in debate to apply the English language. This made English the reliable language of law and regulation-making.

English is a huge language. There are greater than 250,000 phrases in an Oxford Dictionary — minus a number of technical, medical, and slang phrases. English is probably the simplest language with as many synonyms for a lot of its phrases, in large part due to its massive absorbing ability — borrowing phrases from as many languages as possible, together with German, Greek, Portuguese, French,











Latin, and even the language of the colonies wherein it became extensive. Years of colonialism supposed that English now also had phrases from Asian, the Caribbean, and African cultures. The English language has constantly been eager to adopt and adapt phrases and phrases from other languages. The willingness to conform itself might be what makes English so distinctive from different languages, consisting of French.

The English language is effortlessly the maximum broadly used and spoken language on the earth, and it enjoys a good popularity for adapting words, ideas, and cultural influences from round the world. This provides to the language’s considerable vocabulary, one this is full of odd guidelines, spellings, and grammar. English Language Day remembers and celebrates the superb recognition of the language or even its eccentricities!















Year Date Day
2021 October 13 Wednesday
2022 October 13 Thursday
2023 October 13 Friday
2024 October 13 Sunday
2025 October 13 Monday


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