Top Scholarships in Poland

If you want to study in Poland but do not have an IELTS certificate, we can help you. Welcome! Bursaries for graduates, graduates, and doctoral students are now available through the Polish Scholarship Apart from IELTS. All applicants around the world are eligible for these fully funded bursaries. There are many international students every year who choose to study in Poland because of the low cost of living in the country, low tuition, and high quality educational institutions. Top Scholarships in Poland



Poland does not need IELTS testing at its many universities and study programs. This country is located in Central Europe. Several fields are offered at lower levels and degrees, including medicine, engineering, personality, business, and finance. Students from all over the world are attracted to Poland because of its location in Europe, its cultural diversity, and its affordable living costs.



# 1. Visegrad Scholarship:

Each semester, $ 4,750

Graduates with a Bachelor, Master’s, or Post-Doctoral Master ‘Degree may apply.

Financial aid is available to students from Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia, four states of Visegrad. The International Visegrad Fund offers a scholarship to students pursuing Bachelor’s, Masters or Ph.D. degrees in these countries.


Students selected by the funding organization to receive the bursary are eligible to receive it in one or two semesters. Depending on your program and other regulations, you may be eligible for a scholarship for more than four semesters if you follow your program and submit to the appropriate authorities.


If you would like to apply, where can you get an application form? You can learn more about Visegrad Fund by visiting its website. Application deadlines are important.



# 2. POLONISTA Scholarship and Fellowship Program:

Scholarship Price: up to $ 580 per month

This position is open to holders of master’s and doctoral degrees.

Are you interested in learning Polish, or have you already said something? POLONISTA Scholarships and Fellowships are your best financial aid options. This curriculum is open to all foreigners interested in learning the Polish language and culture.


Are you able to meet the requirements? No matter where the students come from, the program welcomes them all. Previously, only one option was available to Master’s students, but that may change soon. As of 2021, Ph.D. students will be able to apply for the same.


You will find an easy-to-follow application process here. Use the NAWA ICT system to submit your documents. Not sure how to proceed?



# 3. Stefan Banach Scholarship Program

The award includes courses and a stipend of up to $ 400 per month.

Students with a master’s or Ph.D. degrees are eligible.

Lukasiewicz and Banach are two learning programs that develop ideas for young people. Polish development aid and foreign nationals both participate in the Stephan Banach Scholarship Program.

The Polish Student Bursary Program for Foreign Students is designed to improve the social and economic well-being of students from less developed countries by improving their academic standards. Undeveloped students are the main audience of the program. A complete list of countries can be found on the official website.


You can become a citizen of any of these nations. In addition, to qualify, you must meet certain educational qualifications. You can choose engineering, agriculture, health sciences, and direct science, among others. Polish, as well as English, are available in these classes.


To qualify for a scholarship, you must choose a degree program that offers free tuition. Also, you will earn up to $ 400 on stipends every month.


To qualify for a scholarship, you must choose a degree program that offers free tuition. Also, you will earn up to $ 400 on stipends every month. Top Scholarships in Poland



# 4. Ignacy Lukasiewicz curriculum

Scholarship price: tuition waiver and US $ 356 per month

Applicants must have a master’s or doctoral degree

The Ignacy Lukasiewicz Scholarship Program is a joint venture of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange and the Department of Foreign Affairs. It was name after its sponsor, a skilled pharmacist and a pioneer in the oil business. The program provides scholarships for overseas students to facilitate economic growth in poor countries. The program allows qualified individuals to complete the full-time course of the second round in Poland.


Participating in this learning program in Poland provides an excellent opportunity for those who wish to develop their cultural skills while developing their profession. Recipients of this program have been offer free second-round education at any of Poland’s public institutions. In addition to teaching Polish and culture, the program offers a lesson for students.


Would you like to apply for this bursary? The NAWA ICT system allows you to do just that. To avoid future conflicts, be sure to read all the requirements and application procedures for this program. Top Scholarships in Poland



# 5. University of Warsaw Social Scholarship

Scholarship Amount: Reduction of tuition fees

Bachelor’s degrees are required

At the University of Warsaw, students from the United States and abroad can apply for a variety of scholarships. The social scholarship is open to applicants outside the United States as long as they meet the eligibility requirements. You must, however, have a permanent residence permit or refugee status to consider.

Due to social concerns and others, this Polish scholarship is a great option for people who may not be able to access a good education in their home countries. This financial aid is available to students at Warsaw University. Top Scholarships in Poland

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