Things you can do to take care of your skin at home

Skin care at home : With all the external aggressions like pollution and the sun or the stresses of daily life. Our skin is not always as beautiful as we would like it to be. Applying a simple day cream cannot guarantee flawless skin texture. So how do you restore a stain-free complexion? Here are 10 tips and tricks to take care of the skin that will give you an extraordinary effect. Things you can do to take care of your skin at home





Create a proper routine

In order to fight against imperfections every day, it is important and even essential to adapt your beauty routine to your skin type and its problems. So first you have to determine your combination, oily or dry skin. Then we focus on the details we want to correct: wrinkles, acne, sun spots… Then we choose our cleansing products, serums and creams accordingly.





Practice facial massage

Keeping the epidermis in good health comes down to giving it more skin care. Effective techniques to relax features, prevent wrinkles and brighten complexion? Facial self-massage. When applying our cream every morning, we use our thumbs to make skin movements from the inside to the outside of the cheekbones. On the forehead and cheeks, light pressure is applied like small tweezers to stimulate micro-circulation.





Don’t skip any space

The skin does not age equally on all parts of the face. The skin around the eyes, neck, or cupid’s bow (between the nose and mouth) has thinner skin than other areas that require more attention. Be careful, don’t put too much cream on this area but take a separate and specific product for this area.





Think about scrubs

Exfoliation is essential for skin care to restore radiance to the skin. It eliminates dead cells and allows the dermis to regenerate beautifully. This “beautiful skin” gesture should be taken once or twice a week to adapt to your skin type and its problems. However, like its version for the body, it is recommended for all!





Adjust your diet

The effect of diet on the skin is well established. But between repeated clichés among friends and advice given by grandmothers, we don’t know where to turn. The first tip to follow is simple: you must drink plenty of water (and reduce your alcohol consumption as much as possible). On the fridge side, eat raw vegetables in moderation as they contain an essential combination of vitamins and fiber.





Focus on natural methods

Cosmetics are not the only agent for beautiful skin. Natural aficionados swear by some clever ingredients that will work wonders on the beauty of the dermis. At the top of their list: vegetable oil. From hazelnut oil, olive oil to (rarely) prickly pear seeds, they will act as a beauty mask for our face. Another exceptional ingredient: aloe vera. As a juice cure or as a pure gel, it moisturizes, softens and even plumps you up!





Use at night to heal your skin

If during the day, the skin reacts above all to protect itself from external aggression … at night, it takes the opportunity to recover and repair itself! Studies show that epidermal cell count is optimal at 1 am. This is why you need the privilege of applying specific care for the beauty of your skin before going to bed. Night cream or mask, we test over a few weeks to find the products that suit us best.





Don’t touch your bra

This is a universal bad habit. When we get acne on our face and we start to grind it, we only risk adding more bacteria. Then an infection can start and it will take twice as long for the imperfection to disappear. Is it really what we want when it comes to skin care?





Do not miss to remove make-up

Removing make-up is one step you should never skip in your beauty routine! It allows the skin to breathe better without cluttering up the impurities accumulated during the day. For an effective ritual, it is recommended to start with the eyes and mouth with a specific product (for these more sensitive areas) and finish with color. A splash of hot water is also recommended at the end of make-up removal. In terms of texture, find one that suits your skin: gel or mousse for oily skin, oil or milk for others. Things you can do to take care of your skin at home

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