The easiest 5 tips to increase blog Page Views!

To increase blog traffic you need to build some regular readers of your blog. To get this job as expected, one must adopt some tactics to retain readers in addition to sharing good quality articles. The easiest 5 tips to increase blog Page Views!







Increasing Page Views of every blog/website

Increasing Page Views of every blog/website is very important. But increasing the traffic is not the main purpose of the blog. Instead, the main goal should be to convert your blog visitors into regular readers. Page views will continue to increase when you can retain regular visitors to your blog. After a new visitor comes to the blog, if you can keep him on your blog, the page views of the blog will increase automatically. How long a reader stays on your blog after visiting the blog also plays an important role in increasing the ranking of a blog. If a reader leaves after visiting your blog, your page views may increase temporarily, but the chances of you getting that reader back later are reduced. Because he will think that there are no important articles in this blog.







Blog traffic

To increase blog traffic you need to build some regular readers of your blog. To get this job as expected, one must adopt some tactics to retain readers along with sharing good quality articles. These simple techniques will help keep readers on your blog longer. Below I will share with you the 5 easiest tricks that will help you do this.








Everyone knows it as ‘popular post’ in Bengal. This type of widget can be seen in the sidebar of all Bengali blogs. This widget will show the most popular or most viewed posts of your blog. This will attract blog visitors and increase page views.









Meaning posts related to your blog post. Someone entered your blog through the topic of ‘online income’ from a search engine. Then when he sees other posts on this topic, those will also be visited by the visitor. As a result, page views of your blog will increase. This type of Related Posts Widget is usually added at the bottom of the blog post.








Such links will definitely increase the page views of the blog. When you write a post on a topic, you can link to 2/3 important posts related to that post. As a result, when the reader reads the post, he will want to read that page by clicking on the links. Moreover, when you post a topic divided into two parts, then you can link the previous post with this post.









This is a must for every blog. Because blogs that do not have a search box are rarely found. All types of blogs will have a search box. But the search box must be beautiful and in a place that attracts the reader’s attention easily. When readers enjoy reading your blog, they will want to find out more. So if he sees Search Box he can easily fulfill his needs. Because without Search Box, the reader does not have time to search for your blog. All readers want to complete their work in less time.









This means to post a topic in parts instead of posting it all at once. Let’s say – you want to write some topic about creating a ‘mobile friendly blog’. This post can be quite large. Then, instead of putting the post together, he posted it in parts and gave each post in the form of a series to all the posts. In this case, if your topic is important, then the reader will definitely want to read all the posts. As a result of which the matter will be easy and the number of page visits will also increase.








Last word:

If your blog content is good and you follow the above Widgets and Tips then your blog page views will increase easily. But after all I always tell Sabai that the content of the blog should be of good quality and should not be copied from any other blog. Only then can you gain credibility with the reader and reach the threshold of success.

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