Texas Independence Day 2022

Texas Independence Day on March 2 commemorates the signing of the Texas declaration of Independence on the same date in 1836. population of Texas proclaimed independence from Mexico and installed the Republic of Texas with the signing of this statement by means of over fifty nine delegates.

children’s occasions, re-enactments, live band track, and prepare dinner-offs are all part of the festivities. Storytelling periods approximately how Texas gained independence from Mexico and became a republic are a number of the other sports.


A congress of Texians and Tejanos convened at Washington-on-the-Brazos in the course of the Texas Revolution and declared Texas’ independence from Mexico, and they became known as Texans. The delegates elected David Burnet as period in-between president and confirmed Sam Houston as commander-in-leader of all Texas armies.

similarly, the Texans followed a constitution that assured the unrestricted exercise of slavery, which had formerly been banned by using Mexican regulation. inside the interim, in San Antonio, the Alamo changed into still underneath siege with the aid of Mexican preferred Antonio de Santa Anna, and the castle’s defenders awaited the final Mexican assault.

Santa Anna ordered his troops to invade the Alamo on March 6. the primary and 2d Mexican prices had been defeated by using Travis’ artillery, but the Texans have been overpowered in much less than an hour, and the Alamo was seized. all the Texan and American defenders have been murdered in fierce hand-to-hand combat while Santa Anna instructed that no prisoners need to be taken. The Alamo’s only survivors have been a small organization of civilians, mainly girls and kids. in the course of the siege and storming of the Alamo, hundreds of Santa Anna’s squaddies died.

Six weeks later, at San Jacinto, a huge Texan army led through Houston amazed Santa Anna’s forces. The Texans overpowered the Mexicans and took Santa Anna. The dictator became compelled to renowned Texas’ independence and withdraw his troops south of the Rio Grande. nine years after the Texas declaration of Independence was written, the Republic of Texas turned into annexed to america through the collective agreement of the united states Congress.

On December 29, 1845, the united states Congress officially diagnosed Texas as a member of the Union. Sam Houston Day and Texas Flag Day also are celebrated on March 2, albeit they are now not prison vacations



  1. It’s a source of inspiration

    The story of the Texas Revolution is the perfect example of snatching victory against the odds. The Texans made the impossible a reality when they defeated their Mexican rivals who far outnumbered them.

  2. It’s a crucial page in the history books

    The road to independence is a story that will be passed down for generations in Texas. The legendary battles and tales of bravery will be remembered for years to come.

  3. Appreciating the war heroes

    Texas Independence Day is an opportunity to honor the sacrifice of those who fought for Texas’ independence. Their names are not forgotten and their deeds remain fresh in the memories of their successors.


Year Date Day
2022 March 2 Wednesday
2023 March 2 Thursday
2024 March 2 Saturday
2025 March 2 Sunday
2026 March 2 Monday

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