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World teachers day – Tuesday, October 5 -2021 l national today

World teachers day is celebrated every year, on the 6th day of May every year. It is a day where people from all over the world can come together and take part in a massive celebration that highlights education and gives teachers the opportunity to celebrate as well. Its main aim is to focus on celebrating, promoting and testing the progress of all the teachers of the world, and to lay the groundwork for future developments. One way of looking at this celebration is by looking at it as a parallel to the Olympics – a world event where the best and brightest teachers from all over the world can show their best and compete against each other.

So what do we mean by World teachers day? On the World teachers’ day, an organisation called International Association of Educators (IAAE) takes charge of planning activities to celebrate the education professionals around the world. The theme for this year is: Education is everybody’s business. This theme was brought about by the fact that the economic world is starting to change drastically and so the interests of teachers all over the world are changing too.

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The theme for this year’s World teachers day was:” educator as corporate citizen”. This was brought about by the fact that students and corporate leaders are learning more about responsibility and privacy on the Internet, and so teachers are also realizing that they need to be careful with how they handle their interactions on the web. So, the IAAE has decided to hold an international event on this theme every year from now on. The main activities will include themes like: Ethical Internet Practices, Digital History, Social Media, and Youth Leadership. These are just some of the themes that are decided by the IAAE board.


The International Association of Educators is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting education, develop curriculum, and advocate quality education systems worldwide. Their mission statement reads: “IAAE works to elevate the professional education of educators, build and strengthen ties between educators and policy makers at all levels of education and coordinate efforts to improve quality and effectiveness of education everywhere.” This year, it is hoped that World teachers day will raise the profile of educators around the world. It is hoped that more educators will take part in the IAAE events and activities planned for World teacher’s day next year.

World teacher’s day is a time to honor and recognize the hard work teachers do each day, the impact their decisions can make in the lives of children, young people, and even other professionals. There are many different ways in which educators are helped by other teachers and students alike. World teacher’s day is also a time to highlight the importance of a collaborative approach to teaching, the value of a teacher/learner partnership, and the importance of ongoing professional development.

World teachers day is an annual event which is focused on providing a platform for local education professionals to come together and celebrate their profession. The program is organized by the World Federation of Teachers, the World Education Organization, the World Federation of Youth Affairs, the World Association for Research Education and Teaching, the World Council for Teachers, and the Association for Toy Education. This year’s World teachers day was organized by the Partnership for Quality Education. Approximately 85 countries have been participating in the event.



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