Take a Missionary to Lunch Day

Take a Missionary to Lunch Day is widely known on January 14. these days, missionaries may be located in numerous international locations round the world. A missionary is a member of a non secular collective who has been despatched to provide literacy, schooling, monetary development, and fitness care offerings. This excursion sheds mild on the coolest paintings they do in regions they travel to.







In 1598, the term ‘undertaking’ turned into coined. The Jesuits adopted this phrase to indicate the act of sending human beings foreign places. The word ‘assignment’ comes from the Latin term ‘missionem.’ This phrase is used by Jesus inside the remarkable fee within the Latin translation of the Bible. the first Christian missionary was the apostle Paul. His work began in about 37 A.D.







As far lower back as 563 A.D., the Catholic Church dispatched missionaries internationally. After Martin Luther launched the Reformation, Protestant missions commenced in 1517. In 750 A.D., the Muslim faith started its first missionary work. Dawah, which interprets to ‘to ask,’ is how Muslims convert others to Islam. in the united states, they do that through prison ministry.







present day evangelical groups have centered their efforts on sending missionaries to every ethnic organization inside the world, with a massive increase in efforts since the 1900s, and a tremendous boost because the 1974 Lausanne I: The global Congress on world Evangelization in Switzerland.





Evangelism, big gatherings paying homage to live shows, domestic church buildings, and dating building are all commonplace approaches for Christians to carry out their undertaking work. building relationships with native humans in a positive network is also viable. Missionaries turns into immersed inside the subculture so that it will reach out to the humans via trade, training, remedy projects, and everyday existence.









Door-to-door evangelism is the maximum popular form of proselytizing. The Mormons adhere to a set of pointers for sharing their beliefs, outlined in “hold forth My Gospel: A guide to Missionary provider.” The maximum well-known component of Jehovah’s Witnesses is their door-to-door preaching. Pamphlets, books, and magazines are dispensed as they try and convert people to their faith.








  1. We get to appreciate missionaries

    Missionaries do a lot for the people they are sent to visit. Today, we get to celebrate their selfless work and valuable contributions to society.


  2. Encouraging a new generation

    We love the fact that we get to encourage prospective missionaries. A new generation of missionaries will appreciate the recognition given to missionary work around the world.


  3. It is a source of inspiration

    Missionaries inspire us all to be better people. Their selfless actions inspire us to help others and make the world a better place.



Year Date Day
2021 January 14 Thursday
2022 January 14 Friday
2023 January 14 Saturday
2024 January 14 Sunday
2025 January 14 Tuesday