Take a look at what new features have been added to Android 12

Well, is it 12 o’clock on your watch? If it rings then you are lucky. Regardless of whether your clock strikes 12 or not today, we’re going to explore Android 12. Let’s get started. Take a look at what new features have been added to Android 12



Android 12 is completely different from all other Android versions, its movement style look is all about performance.






Take a look at what new features have been added to Android 12

But good news for gaming fanatics Android 12 is a gaming ROM.
Now let’s know what bones have been added to Android 12. Yes, what features have been added?







1:- Change lock and time animation.
All previous lock screen time displays were small or in one corner, but in Android 12 it will always be large and in the middle even if you use Always On Screen.






2:- Quick Tiles/Toggle.

One of my favorite things. It will no longer be round or small like before. It gives a totally cool and fresh look.







3:- Extra Egg Mode.

This feature is for those who wake up at night. Even if you reduce the brightness of your mobile once, it seems that it would be better if it could be reduced a little more. Extra Dim Mode will help you in this task. By turning it on, you can completely darken the light of your mobile, which is also very beneficial for your eyes.







4:- Material u.

It is also very awesome features name and works both are best.
It will set the color of your mobile according to the wallpaper you are using. Suppose you are using wallpaper of the space, what is the color of the space? Of course black! Now all colors or themes on your Android 12 will go to dark colors.







5:- Privacy Dashboard.

Since this is the privacy of Android 12, then it will ring at 12 o’clock for everyone. With the help of this privacy dashboard, you can see all your history. You can also know which app is using your mobile’s camera, and location. Which app is spending more time means the amount of data. You can get everything through the settings.







6:- Gaming mode.

You don’t need to use any third-party app for live streaming and you can increase or decrease the FPS while playing the game. No call or message notification will disturb you while playing the game.
Many more new features are added with Android 12.







7:- App shortcut menu.

8:- Never share for the WiFi password.
9:- Enhanced screenshot.

10:-What is the pin code?

11:- Media Player Interface.

12:- Quick Tap.

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