Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day – October 17

Sunday faculty teacher Appreciation Day is a national day that is celebrated at the 1/3 Sunday of October every year, falling on October 17 this year. Sunday faculty instructors are not constantly formally trained instructors; instead, they’re frequently normal those who decide to commit their time to teach children approximately their faith.Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day – October 17






records OF SUNDAY faculty teacher APPRECIATION DAY

In 1993, Gospel mild, a Christian literature writer, decided to set apart a day to have a good time Sunday college teachers across the u . s .. that is how Sunday college trainer Appreciation Day was born, and these days it is celebrated yearly in the U.S.






Sunday faculties aren’t constantly formal schools or establishments. In 18th-century England, Sunday faculties had been set up to provide training to children who were forced to paintings. today they may be lessons offered by way of the church on Sundays both earlier than or after mass to educate children and every now and then adults approximately Christianity.

a variety of churches have lecture rooms connected to the main worship hall that is used for Sunday college. The curriculum is usually pre-designed and there is a formal structure in location for coaching, in addition to competitions and other more-curricular activities associated with the church.








In america, the primary Sunday college was installation in 1799 through a person called the daddy of the american commercial Revolution, Samuel Slater, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, which spurred on the american Sunday college movement. Later, a philanthropist, Lewis Miller, evolved the ‘Akron Plan’ to design the layout of church buildings to encompass Sunday colleges.





Sunday faculty instructors are generally volunteers who may or may not be decided on by way of the church. They offer their time willingly to train youngsters about their faith and values for life. due to this, Sunday college teachers often end up being an lively and essential a part of the lives of their college students.

these instructors may additionally have formal education in education, however commonly do no longer. The church may also provide some schooling in catechism in order that instructors have some familiarity with the curriculum and the way it ought to be taught to their students. Sunday school teachers also are anticipated to be people of exact person and upstanding members of the network.









Year Date Day
2021 October 17 Sunday
2022 October 16 Sunday
2023 October 15 Sunday
2024 October 20 Sunday
2025 October 19 Sunday


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