Study in Poland 2023

Poland’s rich history offers international students a vibrant and culturally rich environment. Despite its turbulent history, the country has emerged as a popular tourist destination, offering architecture, cuisine and beautiful landscapes. Study in Poland 2023





Why study in Poland? Located in Central Europe

Poland is the perfect place for international students who want to experience European culture while receiving a quality education.

According to the Bologna Process, Poland has her three levels of study and offers programs in different fields. The Polish higher education system is divided into publicly funded and private institutions. Both types of institutions have their own level of accreditation and specialization. The QS World University Rankings have 15 Polish universities in the top 1,000, with the University of Warsaw topping the list.


Poland’s first higher education institution, today’s Jagiellonian University, was founded in 1364. One of the oldest surviving universities in the world, he is in the top 500 of the QS rankings. Polish higher education institutions are best known for their offerings of art, music and theater. There are also many vocational schools in various fields.




About Poland

Bordering Germany, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Belarus, Poland is a wonderful country. It has extensive landscapes and geographical features such as the Carpathians and the Sudete Mountains. With a population of around 39 million, Poland is one of Europe’s most populous countries.




The past of this country that continues to progress is still one of its hallmarks.

Many tourists travel to Poland to visit the historic Holocaust sites and concentration camps where over 70% of all persecuted Jews were imprisoned during World War II. The country is currently progressive and prides itself on being a religiously and culturally diverse country that encourages creativity and intellectual thinking.




Higher education in Poland is free for Polish citizens.

If you want to study for free, you must pass the same entrance exams as Polish students and take courses in Polish. If you cannot meet these standards, you will have to pay tuition. For public institutions, you can expect from PLN 8,539 to PLN 16,000 per year. Tuition fees are higher for private institutions, up to PLN 25,300. There are not many scholarships for international students, so you should not rely on financial aid.



However, it may be funded by your institution of choice, so it might be worth checking. . We recommend budgeting at least 2,500 PLN per month for living expenses. Choosing to live in university accommodation is cheaper than living in a private rental apartment. You may be able to get a part-time job to cover your living expenses. People from EU/EEA member states can work without additional permits. If you are from another country, your employer may need to apply for a work permit if you want to work





You should not rely on a job to finance your studies as an international student.

Another living cost that international students need to consider is health insurance. If you are an EHIC holder, you will not need to purchase health insurance. If you present your EHIC, you should be able to get healthcare for free, the same as Polish citizens. You are from an EU country and do not hold an EHIC, this is something you should apply for before you go to Poland. Countries such as the UK, Sweden and Slovakia have also made agreements with the Polish government to allow their citizens access to free healthcare in the country. Information on this can be obtained from your country’s embassy.

If you are from another country, you must have valid health insurance for your stay in Poland. This can be done before leaving your home country or immediately upon arrival in Poland. If you do not have health insurance, you will have to pay for the medical expenses you receive, which can be very expensive.





Polish Student Visa

If you are from an EU/EEA country, you do not need to apply for a student visa to study in Poland. You must apply for a temporary residence permit for the duration of your stay. This is available at your local government office.

If you are from another country, you will need to apply for a visa to travel to Poland. However, this visa is only valid for 3 months for her, so she needs a temporary residence permit for the duration of her studies. To apply for a visa, you should contact the Polish embassy or consulate in your country.
If you need further assistance or guidance on this process, please contact your chosen institution for more information. Study in Poland 2023






The official language of Poland is Polish. Kashubian, a regionally recognized language, and many other minority languages ​​are spoken in the country. Study in Poland 2023

It is common for universities to offer courses at all levels in English. If your native language is not English, you may be required to prove your language proficiency in order to be admitted to our courses. Universities may. 

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