Welcome to the World Smile Day – Date, Theme, History, Celebrations & Facts

international Smile Day is well known each yr on the primary Friday of October, while Harvey Ball turned into declare as a international Smile Day. Smileys have been around on the grounds that 1998, after they were first created as a web invention. A smiley is a small automatic icon, which flashes and smiles when activated. considering the fact that then, there had been several one of a kind fashions of the happy little faces, symbolizing many extraordinary human emotions along with happiness, surprise, fear and sadness.










In cutting-edge day texting and social networking smileys at the moment are use to specific emotions on a cellphone or on a web forum on a pc. in the beginning, the smileys symbolize handiest one emotion; sadness. disappointment turne into expresse by using a unique icon referre to as a frowny face. consequently, for example, if a person desire to say “I’m unhappy” they would kind in “unhappy” smileys rather than “I’m smiling”.









World Smile Day 2021 Date

  • Year > 2021
  • Date > October 1
  • Weekday > Friday









World Smile Day 2021 Theme

The theme of World Smile Day 2021 is “do an act of kindness, help one person smile











records of worldwide Smile Day

The concept for global Smile Day turne into released inositol in 1998. It become first concept that this day have to be held in the metropolis that hoste the marathon, however, whilst it became determine that the vicinity for the event should be the town of Worcester, this became chosen. Worchester is the most important town at the east coast of the Unite Kingdom. The area is understood for the race path at Exeter Racecourse and the network of Wollaston. The whole community has a whole lot of nearby businesses and shops.










A new edition of smileys that turne into create for global Smile Day, indicates specific icons for all the feelings, namely happiness, unhappiness, worry and anticipation. The cutting-edge Worcester city clever telephone smiley is also known as the MySSD cellphone Smiley, that is available inside the country of Massachusetts. The MySSD is to be had in many states throughout the us, where a similar software has already been carrie out. This makes it a international event.









world Smile Day Celebrations

In recent years, there was a notable deal of interest proven in global Smile Day. a number of corporations have become worrie with the cause. The Worcester organization changed into one of these that became a sponsor of this particular birthday celebration. On the primary Friday of October we could do the enjoying steps-









Do a random act of kindness for someone.
Use a smiley face emoji on every textual content you ship.
unfold cheer by handing out smiley face stickers.
supply a grin to anybody you encounter.
inform someone a funny comic story.








world Smile. Day is also promoting with the aid of raising budget and attention. Of dental issues, consisting of enamel decay and gum disease. Through the usage of the pennies symbol, humans should buy the world Smile toy for youngsters in need. There may be additionally a internet site, which has additional records on world Smile Day. This internet site offers an expansion of amusing facts and amusing sports related to the arena Smile Day birthday party.


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