Skin care for busy women

ANowadays many women are seen working in offices. Those who work in the office can’t find time for their skin while doing household and office work. But we have to find some time for self-care. However, it should be noted that, if not taken care of regularly, the skin will suffer a lot of damage – which will be difficult to repair even after a long time. Skin care for busy women. Let’s learn some very easy tips-




Drink more water

In the case of working women, it can be observed that they drink very little water during office hours. But drink plenty of water during office hours. 70 percent of our body is water. So if there is a lack of water it affects the skin. Water helps flush out toxins from the body. Due to drinking less water, the problem of acne or skin dryness occurs.





It is important to always apply sunscreen lotion before leaving the house during the day. Many people use sunscreen only on hot days. Instead of doing this, it should be used throughout the year. It will protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.



Foods rich in vitamin C

More or less everyone suffers from the problem of acne, rashes. If there is a deficiency of vitamin C in the body, problems such as sores and eczema appear on the skin. Therefore, vitamin C rich foods must be included in the daily diet.




Coconut oil

Coconut oil not only moisturizes the skin but also keeps it healthy. cts as a moisturizer for skin and lips. You can use it at night before sleeping, it will work like magic.




Face pack

Apply a face pack and wash your face at least three times a week before going to bed. Multani soil, sandalwood or aloe vera can be used very easily in this case. Apply aloe vera gel daily before going to sleep. It will moisturize the skin.




Use concealer

Use concealer to hide dark circles. Zoom meeting in the office, sudden crying of the baby in the middle of the night, lack of enough sleep etc. cause dark circles under the eyes. So you can use concealer to avoid dark circles and redness under the eyes.




Use lemon

Lemon juice brightens the skin, removes acne, helps to remove dark spots. Taking the time you can rub lemon on the skin or apply lemon juice. Apart from lemon you can use aloe vera especially during hot season.





Many people forget to wash their hands after going to office by rickshaw or bus. If you are busy working without washing your hands, the germs on your hands will stick to your skin. It can cause various skin problems. So wash your hands and face with soap as soon as you reach the office and after returning from the office. Skin care for busy women. 

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