Skin care and health awareness in winter

We have skin all over our body, so skin care needs to be taken care of more or less throughout the year, but taking care of skin becomes a little more important in winter. Because the weather in winter is humid, our skin becomes very dry and cracked. Skin care and health awareness in winter






After the extreme heat, the weather changes and the weather changes with the arrival of winter. And due to the change in weather, various changes occur in our body. Especially the problem of rough and dry skin is seen in almost everyone.






That’s why we need to take more care of our skin in the winter season than the rest of the year. Along with the skin, we need to be a little more conscious about our health than other seasons.






In winter, everyone has a bad habit of not wanting to move out of the sun. But to keep our skin protected and healthy we must avoid sun rays.






Sun rays are very harmful to our skin so should not stay in sunlight or under sun. But most people prefer to stay in the sun for hours on a winter day. But the sun’s rays weaken our skin’s immune system and cause various problems.







Moisturize to keep skin good in winter

A good quality moisturizer must be used to keep the skin healthy. Before buying it must be noted whether it is harmful to the skin or whether there are any side effects.

Using a moisturizer like almond oil in winter is good for the skin. And can never be kept dry. Moisturizing lotion should be used when the skin feels dry. These will help in maintaining the normal condition of the skin.







Natural foods to keep skin in winter

Our country has many nutritious winter vegetables which are very beneficial for our skin. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and vitamin D should be eaten in large quantities. They are very beneficial for the skin besides keeping the body healthy and well. So do not neglect to eat natural fruits and vegetables to keep the skin healthy.







Skin healthy bath in winter

Regular bathing is necessary to fill the deficiency of water in our body and to keep the body clean. But many people are laziness about bathing in winter. Many people do not bathe for several days in a row.

This is a known problem but many people bathe and wash their hands with too hot water. Excessively hot water damages our facial skin follicles and is responsible for losing the smoothness of our skin. Therefore, excess must be avoided and water of correct temperature must be used.







Winter lip care

Lips are a very important part of our body. But although it is difficult, our lips actually crack in winter. So lip care is very important. You can apply olive oil mixed with honey on your lips to prevent chapped lips. It will easily protect your lips from getting rough and chapped.







Hair care in winter

Hair is an important and beautiful thing in our body. Should never be wet in winter. Because wet hair loses moisture and smoothness. Moreover, many people have dandruff on winter days. In this case, you can use amlaki oil on your hair occasionally and also eat foods rich in vitamin C and minerals. It will make your hair better.




In addition to all this, winter must be a little more aware than other seasons. It is absolutely not advisable to spend much time outdoors during fog and true flow. Also, always be aware not to get cold.




Because if we get cold in the winter season, our body is at risk of various infections. Therefore, extra awareness must be taken during the winter season. Try to heat the daily food.







Hair care in winter

And it is better to eat food with warm water. However, due to the cold weather in winter, drinking too much tea and coffee should not be done at all. There is a risk of less sleep at night.





Also adequate intake must be done to avoid dehydration and to meet water deficit. However, it is not right to drink extra cold water. Moreover, dew water should not be applied on the head and body.

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