Red planet day

crimson Planet Day, November 28, recognizes the planet which has captivated human observers for countless years, Mars. right now, we recognise that Mars is pink thanks to pics beamed returned to Earth from American rovers.











for hundreds of years, the naked human eye has been able to hit upon the reddish tinge of the sun device’s fourth planet, glimmering in the night time sky. Little did scientists recognise, the red on Mars’ floor came from a preponderance of iron oxide, common rust. On purple Planet Day we have fun our fascination with Mars, at the side of all the scientific improvements into know-how the dusty planet.










 History OF pink PLANET DAY

around 400 BC, the Babylonian’s began preserving report of celestial occasions. They known as Mars “Nergal,” The King of Conflicts, ostensibly due to the affiliation among the planet’s coloration and the blood spilled for the duration of armed encounters with enemies. The ancient Greeks and Romans need to have made the affiliation as well, because in each their pantheons, Ares and Mars, respectively, had been referred to as the gods of battle.









As time went on and it have become a opportunity that guy may one day travel a few of the stars, authors and filmmakers availed themselves of the experience of marvel surrounding the crimson Planet and created works of science fiction and just plain fancy, imagining taking walks on that rusty floor.









One big query became whether or not Mars held appropriate old school water, the supply of any life on a planet. Flyby missions detected polar ice caps. historic “canals” were shown to be an optical illusion, but that didn’t prevent many believers from presuming that there had previously been civilizations on the fourth planet from the solar.









It nevertheless stands to cause that imaginations have blossomed around the notion of existence on Mars, from the classic novel “Stranger In a extraordinary Land” with the aid of 1950’s creator Robert Heinlein, to 2015’s Ridley Scott film starring Matt Damon, “The Martian.”









at some stage in this century, orbiter missions and rover missions sent back increasingly more specified information approximately Mars, until NASA and its international counterparts started to plot manned missions to Mars. Now, country wide red Planet Day commemorates the release of the Mariner 4 spacecraft on November 28, 1964. Mariner 4 carried out the primary a success flyby of the planet Mars returning the first photographs of the Martian surface.












Year Date Day
2021 November 28 Sunday
2022 November 28 Monday
2023 November 28 Tuesday
2024 November 28 Thursday
2025 November 28 Friday

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