Rankings of Dutch Universities and Colleges

In addition to having some of the oldest Universities in the world. The Netherlands is one of the first countries to offer English courses on the European continent, and its medical, engineering, law, and business schools all hold high positions. Their easy-to-understand rules have also received a lot of attention, but that’s quite another story. Rankings of Dutch Universities and Colleges



Scientific and research discoveries have a worldwide reputation at several institutions and universities throughout the Netherlands. In the Netherlands there are many prestigious schools and institutions that are ranked among the best universities in the world. Like Leiden University, University of Utrecht, University of Wageningen and Research, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Eindhoven University of Technology.


Define University Standards

The Times Higher Education University Rankings is based on how often the university papers are quote worldwide and the reputation of their research.


Based on mathematical data from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Academic Ranking of World Universities is based on award-winning scientists, researchers most cited and their impact on the scientific community.


By examining a large number of academic professionals related to universities, QS World University Rankings creates an accurate picture of university reputation and teaching quality.


Among the top universities in the world listed in the U.S. The magazine finds out how many students graduate and how many stay in school for the second year. In addition, representatives from universities are evaluate for their performance.


Studying in the Netherlands

It has become a growing learning environment. It is one of the happiest and safest countries in the world to live in, as it has some of the best universities in Europe, high living standards, and international students are welcome here. New technologies and engineering solutions are also known in the Netherlands.


Universities offer engineering degree programs that reflect this. It should be note that about 90% of Dutch citizens speak English, so language barriers should be ignore. In addition, cycling routes and the “cycling culture” are excellent for staying active. International students have access to a variety of careers and training opportunities. Rankings of Dutch Universities and Colleges

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