Prime Meridian Day

prime Meridian Day is marked on November 1each yr. In 1884, the top meridian become defined with the aid of the location of the large airy Transit Circle telescope at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England. Sir George Biddell airy — the 7th Astronomer Royal — designed the legendary telescope in 1850. The ethereal Transit Circle’s crosshairs defined zero° longitude. nowadays, we celebrate the top meridian and its packages, consisting of dividing the Earth into the jap and Western Hemispheres and setting up the worldwide time zones.











 history OF high MERIDIAN DAY

U.S. President Chester A. Arthur played host to the worldwide Meridian convention hung on October 1, 1884, in Washington D.C. The convention became called to installation international time zones and choose the 0° authentic longitude, also referred to as the high meridian. Over 41 delegates representing 25 countries have been in attendance. Out of the nations present, Greenwich were given affirmative votes from 22 nations, France and Brazil did now not vote and Haiti voted in opposition to.










previous to the convention, the arena lacked a trendy high meridian. numerous places have been appeared as zero° longitude considering the fact that traces of longitude are imaginary traces. On October 13, Greenwich in England changed into declared as the worldwide high meridian. high Meridian Day is widely known every yr to commemorate the occasion.








The top meridian handed via the center of a transit tool inside the observatory in Greenwich. The observatory would later grow to be the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. The observatory changed into relocated to Hailsham, East Sussex after the second world battle, despite the fact that the top meridian still went thru Greenwich. The Hailsham website could later be referred to as the Observatory technological know-how center, and after some time, the Royal Observatory became reestablished at Greenwich.










The treaty signed at the global Meridian conference hooked up the international Date Line in the Pacific Ocean at 180° longitude. several meridians exist, there may be one for each 15° with a one-hour time distinction among them. however, some nations do now not follow the hour trade rule. China, for example, employs a unmarried time quarter, despite having 5 meridians crossing its terrain.











Year Date Day
2021 November 1 Monday
2022 November 1 Tuesday
2023 November 1 Wednesday
2024 November 1 Friday
2025 November 1 Saturday


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