National Friendship Day 2022

National Friendship Day

 National Friendship Day National Friendship Day has roots in an old European tradition. Friends from both sides of an axis war may come together in one day to share ideas and to celebrate friendship. Although National Friendship Day has morphed into an international celebration, the origins of the holiday can be traced back to France, … Read more

National Girlfriend Day 2022: When is and How to Celebration .and image..

National Girlfriend Day

National Girlfriend Day The tradition of celebrating National Girlfriend Day has roots dating back at least to the middle ages. In ancient times, the custom was that women who were married would give their mistress flowers on this day. In modern times, the gesture has often been replaced by a simple card and a thank … Read more

International Day of Friendship 2022 – the United Nations

National Friendship Day

International Day of Friendship international Friendship Day (or International Friendship Day) is now celebrated in many countries worldwide, for marking friendship. It was originally promoted by the sending of greeting cards, however social networking websites reveal a resurgence of interest in this ancient holiday, especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Malaysia where the day is … Read more

Global Forgiveness Day 2022 images .theme ,quotes

Global Forgiveness Day

Global Forgiveness Day Every year, on July 7, people all over the world observe a day of celebration to forgive others. On Global Forgiveness Day, people express their deep gratitude to those who have helped them in one way or another throughout their lives. The message on this special day is not only to praise … Read more

International Kissing Day

International Kissing Day

On 6th July every year, worldwide, World Kiss Day or International Kissing Day is an opportunity to remind people all over the globe about all the fun and simple pleasures of sharing your love with your family and friends. International Kissing Day   Kissing Day It is a day set apart to promote peace, understanding … Read more

26th March The Independence Day of Bangladesh l Bangladesh Independence Day 2022

26th March The Independence Day of Bangladesh

26th March The Independence Day of Bangladesh Bangladesh Independence Day is on the 26 March. This year, on the evening of 25 March, Bangladesh celebrates its Independence Day with much fanfare and excitement. The Independence Day of Bangladesh, celebrating on 26 April, is an international public holiday. It commemorates the independence of the country from … Read more

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day

Organizations and individuals across the world to celebrate this special day dedicated to Internet safety. Internet Day is a global day where the world comes together to talk about Internet safety and Internet threats. It was first known as Internet Awareness Day Safer Internet Day. Today, Internet Day is internationally recognized as “Conference on Internet … Read more

Hobbit day-September 22

Hobbit Day is an ancient name apply to September 22. The thirteenth anniversary of the first book in J.R.R Tolkien’s famous fantasy series The Hobbit. The history of Tolkien’s books is complicated and some have speculated that it dates back to the time. When Middle Earth was created when Middle-earth was destroyed by the Dark … Read more

Dictionary day-October 16

Dictionary day is the fourth Saturday of October each year. It is a time for children to explore new words and make inferences about the language. The event was start in 1911 when the United States first made dictionaries available to public. Each year, the words and meanings of the previous year are put into … Read more