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Orthodox Christmas Day

Orthodox Christmas Day is on January 7 each 12 months, and isn’t it an thrilling opportunity to celebrate some other Christmas just as the new 12 months kicks off? can you agree with that Christmas changed into in the beginning celebrated 13 days after December 25 (the day we all have a good time it on these days)? in the Julian calendar — a miles older calendar used earlier than the contemporary Gregorian calendar — Christmas turned into celebrated on January 7. The Orthodox Church nevertheless makes use of the equal antique calendar to celebrate Christmas Day. Orthodox Christians have fun by way of going to church and other traditions like burning frankincense to commemorate the smart guys’s gifts to baby Jesus.


The Christmas season is a much predicted length of the yr everywhere in the global. it’s miles an vital time and way many various things to anybody. it’s far a time to reconnect with own family and loved ones, a time of giving and receiving items and love, a time to loosen up and take a wreck from all the rigors of the preceding months, and greater importantly, a time Christians have a good time the birth of Jesus Christ. within the Bible’s account of the birth of Jesus, it does now not nation explicitly on which date He became born. The birthday celebration of Christmas on December 25 is a theory by means of Sextus Julius Africanus, a Christian historian in 221 A.D. The date was set using the Julian calendar, which become later up to date to the Gregorian calendar.

Orthodox Christmas day takes place each January 7 due to the fact the Orthodox Church still chooses to have a good time the birth of Jesus as consistent with the Julian calendar. The Gregorian calendar this is currently in use today caused a brand new Christmas Day on December 25 because of the addition of latest elements that modified the calendar yr. perhaps we can even say that Orthodox Christmas day is the unique Christmas Day.

whether or not you rejoice on December 25 or January 7, Christmas has developed from a pagan excursion to a Christian birthday party to a time for anyone, irrespective of their faith, climes, or institutions. it’s miles a time for each person to make merry and engage in traditions and customs like organizing and attending Christmas carols and live shows, setting up Christmas bushes and lighting fixtures, making lovely Christmas cookies, and extra.


  1. A time of reflection

    In contrast to the regular Christmas Day, Orthodox Christmas day is all about seeking peace and calm. Members of the Orthodox Church come together to burn frankincense and perform other religious rituals to remember the birth of Jesus Christ and reflect on its essence. They also spend the time meditating on what is really important in life while counting their blessings.

  2. A reminder of changes in time

    Every year, Orthodox Christmas Day reminds us of the growth the world we live in has gone through. It is intriguing how Christmas Day can be on two different days due to changes of a few hours in the Gregorian calendar.

  3. Another chance at celebrating Christmas

    Christmas is so fun we never want it to end. Orthodox Christmas Day grants us another chance at celebrating Christmas just before the New Year overwhelms everyone with its challenges and expectations.


Year Date Day
2021 January 7 Thursday
2022 January 7 Friday
2023 January 7 Saturday
2024 January 7 Sunday
2025 January 7 Tuesday

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