Nternational mens day

nternational men’s day located on November 19 specializes in men’s health, enhancing gender members of the family, highlighting male role models, and promoting high-quality expressions of masculinity. It’s also an opportunity to understand guys who don’t fall into traditional manifestations of masculinity, including homosexual and bisexual guys, transgender, or masculine non-binary humans.











when IS international men’S DAY 2021?

worldwide men’s Day is found on November 19, although while the vacation changed into first created it was celebrated in February.










history OF worldwide guys’S DAY

In 1968, an American journalist named John P. Harris wrote a piece of writing highlighting a lack of stability in the Soviet gadget, which promoted an international ladies’s Day for girl employees but did not deliver a male counterpart. Harris stated that although he agreed there must be a day to celebrate girls, the day served as flaw within the communist system.










inside the early Nineteen Nineties Thomas Oaster, the director of the Missouri middle for guys’s studies, invited groups inside the U.S., Australia, and Malta to keep small international men’s Day occasions for the duration of the month of February. Oaster successfully hosted these activities for two years, but his 1995 attempt was poorly attended. Discouraged, he ceased plans to continue the function. Australia followed healthy, making Malta the only united states of america to hold celebrating.







Nternational mens day

In 1999 Trinidad and Tobago, the day turned into revived by way of Jerome Teelucksingh from the college of the West Indies. He realized that even though there was a day for fathers, there was no day to have fun men who didn’t have kids, or who were young boys and teens. Teelucksingh understood the importance of high-quality male function fashions, as his father were an high-quality example for him, and chose to have fun international men’s Day on November 19 — the day of his father’s birthday in addition to the day a local football team had united his u . s . a . with their endeavors to qualify for the arena cup.











in view that Teelucksingh’s revival, worldwide men’s Day has served to promote advantageous components of male identity based totally on the basis that men reply extra constructively to positive position fashions than to bad gender stereotyping. The day isn’t always supposed to compete with global ladies’s Day, however to focus on the significance of guys’s physical and mental fitness and wonderful masculinity.











As one of the key objectives of International Men’s Day is men’s health and wellbeing, here are some statistics aligned with that objective.

87% – The percentage of rough sleepers who are men.
73% – The percentage of people who go missing that are male.
76% – The percentage of suicides that are by men.
8.7% – The percentage of men who are alcohol dependent.
26% – The percentage of men who suffer from high cholesterol.
76 – The life expectancy of a man born in the U.S.
22% – The percentage of men who have experienced mental health problems in the last year.













Year Date Day
2021 November 19 Friday
2022 November 19 Saturday
2023 November 19 Sunday
2024 November 19 Tuesday
2025 November 19 Wednesday

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