nauru independence day

Nauru Independence Day is widely known as a national holiday on January 31 each year. in this day in 1968, the Republic of Nauru declared independence. The twenty second anniversary of the Nauruans’ return from Truk turned into also venerated in this day. Chuuk Lagoon is the call given to Truk in recent times. The day is well known all over the island nation with parades, dances, carnivals, and remembering the battle for independence. notwithstanding being a small us of a — simply 13 square miles — it’s miles quickly becoming a tourist preferred because of its lovely oceans and beaches.


The Germans ruled Nauru till the last years of the nineteenth century. that they had found Nauru’s considerable phosphorus reserves and realized that the island’s natural sources will be a supply of notable riches. Nauru became controlled together by means of Australia, New Zealand, and England following the end of global warfare I! This modified during world battle II when Japan arrived at the island of Nauru and used it as an airstrip. while the warfare ended, Australia, New Zealand, and England regained manage of Nauru. The management, on the other hand, changed into totally the duty of Australia.

Nauru have become a sovereign republic on January 31, 1968, when it declared independence from England. whilst the japanese troops landed in Nauru in 1945, they deported 1,two hundred native islanders to the Chuuk Lagoon (or Truk) as workers. After the japanese misplaced, the Nauruans again home in this day in 1946. To commemorate this landmark event, January 31 changed into venerated because the Independence Day of Nauru.

The country wide flag of Nauru is the best representation of the united states of america. The flag depicts the geographical function of Nauru, a diploma beneath the equator – the Equator is proven through a golden horizontal line and Nauru as a 12-factor white celebrity. The white coloration indicates phosphate, the source of the state’s prosperity, and every factor represents one of the island’s 12 indigenous tribes. The Pacific Ocean is represented by means of the blue historical past of the flag. ‘Nauru Bwiema’ is the countrywide anthem. Margaret Hendrie wrote it in 1862, and Laurence Henry Hicks composed the tune.


  1. It teaches us about a new place

    Many people are unaware of the island nation of Nauru, but that could change on Nauru Independence Day. The day inspires us to learn more about lesser-known countries like Nauru.

  2. It makes us sensitive to history

    Celebrations such as Nauru Independence Day make us sensitive to world history and the suffering and triumphs of other nations.

  3. A reason to celebrate

    We love Nauru Independence Day simply because it gives us a reason to celebrate! Be it football, traditional food, or attending parades — there’s something for everyone!


Year Date Day
2022 January 31 Monday
2023 January 31 Tuesday
2024 January 31 Wednesday
2025 January 31 Friday
2026 January 31 Saturday

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