national thank a mail carrier day

For countrywide Thank a Mail service Day on February four, chances are the weather is windy and blustery cold, and perhaps even snowy wherein you live. but the weather shouldn’t forestall you from thanking your letter provider because they are the ones braving the situations to get the mail to you.

There are masses of jokes advised approximately undelivered letters, however no one receives them, so we can chorus from telling them right here. the key to telling mailman jokes is ideal transport, so we are able to depart those for the devoted males and females who can be making sure the mail gets introduced today. They deserve our appreciation every day, however too often they’re now not identified for the work they do. So nowadays we salute the mail providers who make sure our put up reaches us.

 HISTORY OF national THANK A MAIL carrier DAY

“Neither snow nor rain nor warmness nor gloom of night time remains these couriers from the speedy completion in their appointed rounds.”

although these words are carved in stone over the entrance to the antique the big apple town put up workplace constructing on 8th street, the U.S. Postal carrier does now not have an legitimate motto. but if it did, this would without a doubt be it.


according to the USPS, the quote frequently fallacious because the U.S. submit workplace motto comes from “The Persian Wars” written through the historic Greek historian Herodotus round 445 B.C. and refers to the Persian machine of set up postal couriers who “served with superb fidelity” all through the wars between the Greeks and Persians (500-449 B.C.).It serves as a fitting tribute to our state’s letter providers who “serve with exquisite constancy” within the devoted execution in their work as public servants.

starting in 1692, the first formal system of mail transport changed into set up in the American colonies. Postmasters have been appointed in every colony with a tavern applied in every community with the aid of postal riders for depositing mail in place of delivering mail without delay to man or woman addresses.


In 1775, the second one Continental Congress set up the advent of a u.s. submit office and appointed Benjamin Franklin as head of the branch. A lady named Mary Katherine Goddard who served below Franklin may additionally have been the usa’s first woman postmaster when she changed into appointed by means of Franklin to be postmaster in Baltimore Maryland that identical year. This early submit office branch hired post riders who rode horseback hundreds of miles over dangerous and remoted territory to deliver mail to far flung publish places of work. some of these brave submit riders have been commissioned to alert the colonies whilst British troops had been on the flow inside the early tiers of the yank battle for Independence, and hence the submit office played a essential role inside the American revolution.

After winning the combat for independence from Britain, the first officially recognized post workplace branch of the united states of the usa opened in 1792, legal by way of the newly ratified united states constitution that empowered Congress to establish post workplaces.

An green and reliable machine of mail delivery continues to be a vital a part of the upkeep and electricity of current societies, just because it become essential to the expansion of historic civilizations. As Herodotus stated so eloquently, people who convey and supply mail and “serve with fantastic fidelity” need to be identified and favored. On national Thank a Mail carrier Day, we rejoice the males and females who hold this honorable tradition.


  1. They are neighborhood heroes

    They keep watch over the neighborhoods they deliver. Letter carriers get to know the people, the dogs, the houses, the businesses, and the cars in the communities they serve, If something is amiss along their route, mail carriers are often the first to notice and call 911. Mail carriers have saved people from burning buildings, rescued a sex trafficking victim, and a man pinned under his car.

  2. Their work keeps the art of letter writing alive

    Emails and text messages may get to their destination faster, but nothing says “I’m thinking about you“ quite the way a hand-written letter on beautiful stationery or a note written inside a birthday card. If the Post Office stops home mail delivery, the art of letter writing will likely, and sadly, become less frequent.

  3. Mail Carriers deliver smiles

    Sure, you may cuss at the crunched up reams of political propaganda and holiday sales circulars seasonally stuffed inside your mailbox, but mail carriers also deliver smiles in the form of birthday cards, thank you notes, graduation announcements, wedding invitations, postcards, magazines, and packages. Remember that “junk mail” pays to keep the smiles coming.


Year Date Day
2022 February 4 Friday
2023 February 4 Saturday
2024 February 4 Sunday
2025 February 4 Tuesday
2026 February 4 Wednesday

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