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countrywide Sovereignty Day is an Argentine excursion found on each fourth Monday (or preferably, the nearest one to November 20) in November — this year on November 22. Like different vacations celebrating battles, national Sovereignty Day in Argentina marks the anniversary of the struggle of Vuelta de Obligado — however there’s a twist to it. The Argentine military did not win the warfare. but the day is nationally celebrated as a public excursion with residents taking satisfaction of their united states of america’s ancient defeat, which went on to come to be their triumph. They bask within the glory of the declaration — “lose the warfare however win the conflict.”











when IS country wide SOVEREIGNTY DAY ARGENTINA 2021?

country wide Sovereignty Day is widely known on the fourth Monday in November, this yr on November 22.













The war of Vuelta de Obligado took place on November 20, 1845, whilst the Anglo-French military invaded the Paraná River. as the Anglo-French army went against the desire of the Argentine Confederation, a small Argentine military decided to oppose it in a struggle. despite the fact that the attacking forces emerged effective on the battleground, the injuries of the fallen squaddies got the quality of the enemy’s troops.











Britain and French armies suffered such heavy losses thru the whole military marketing campaign that they were forced to give up at the bargaining desk, inquiring for Juan Manuel de Rosas, the Governor of Buenos Aires, for a peace treaty — regardless of being victorious. consequently, a treaty changed into signed, marking the day as a historic win for the lost Argentine troops.










countrywide Sovereignty Day is likewise remembered as a key event in Argentina’s historic calendar wherein the united states of america fought against the colonial powers and protected its regions from domination. although November 20 changed into enacted as a national observance in 1974, the birthday celebration of the fourth Monday handiest recently have become a country wide holiday in 2010.











Year Date Day
2022 November 28 Monday
2023 November 27 Monday
2024 November 25 Monday
2025 November 24 Monday

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