national shower with a friend day

uninterested in the polar vortex? warmness matters up on national shower with a pal Day. observe — at the moment commenced innocently sufficient —whilst a Colorado company known as New Wave Enviro endorsed humans to take showers with a “pal,” which means its all-new bathe clear out. Their reasoning? consistent with the corporation: “Your frame absorbs extra chlorine through the skin and lungs while showering than at the same time as ingesting faucet water.” And who’re we to disagree? In any event, on February 5, you’re loose to have fun but you (and a pal) would love.

4 SQUEAKY smooth shower data

How hot is too warm?
The average bathe temperature is a balmy a hundred and five°. Sounds best, but consider, hot water can dry your skin and go away your hair brittle.

Chilling out
A VCU faculty of drugs take a look at observed that cold showers can actually help with both depression and anxiety.

The fact approximately lengthy showers
all through a five-minute shower, we use 20 gallons of water! So avoid taking lengthy showers, if possible.

go green
positioned a few vegetation in you shower! they are able to assist increase your early morning mood! trace: pick one (or two) that thrive in excessive humidity.


  1. So many options

    Not every holiday leaves you so much room to put your own personal spin on it. You can make up the rules for this one.

  2. It’s not what you think

    The day originated as a humorous way to draw attention to water filters — designed to fit neatly between your water pipe and shower head.

  3. It’s healthy

    Ideally, shower filters can remove chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, reduce heavy metals, and naturally soften the water.


Year Date Day
2021 February 5 Friday
2022 February 5 Saturday
2023 February 5 Sunday
2024 February 5 Monday
2025 February 5 Wednesday

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