National Short Girl Appreciation Day

This December 21 — countrywide quick lady Appreciation Day — don’t arise quick on ways to have a good time the small ladies to your lifestyles! in case you’re a quick female yourself, you realize the genetic lottery you’ve gained — they always make adorable shoes in smaller sizes, your toes are by no means going to dangle away from bed, and there are even fitness benefits related to being a bit vertically challenged. pass shorty, it’s your excursion!











 History OF country wide short lady APPRECIATION DAY

while the cups are on the tallest shelf of the tallest cupboard, it’s not always amusing to be quick. however how excellent it’s miles that you’re constantly on the top of the human pyramid? And when have you ever hit your head on a door body? national quick woman Appreciation Day become started to rejoice the smaller girls in our lives, and maybe help them clutch that out-of-reach object. however, being a “short lady” has intended various things during the years and locations!









Tiny doorways within the 1700s proved that while a 5’2” woman these days might be considered on the short side, they could have been absolutely average in a one of a kind time! Even common men among the 12th and sixteenth centuries would be taken into consideration quick by using these days’s requirements. nowadays, the average female peak is 5’four”. even though homes, roads, and towns are handiest getting large global, quick girls are maintaining up!











nowadays, ladies are taller on common than our ancestors even just one hundred years in the past. nevertheless, women in Indonesia, Bolivia, and the Philippines are at the shorter end of the worldwide average, soaring around simply five toes! This proves that “short” totally relies upon on where you’re.









quick ladies make a huge effect. Emilia Clarke (mother of Dragons!) stands simplest five’2”, as does make-up and fact tv mogul Kim Kardashian. lady Gaga checks in at five’1”, and celeb Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is handiest 4’eight”. these women prove that whether or not it’s onstage, on the Olympic podium, or anywhere else, being quick does no longer stunt your fulfillment.











  1. Short girls are beautiful!

    Think of all the stunning and powerful celebrities who don’t even hit the 5’3” mark! We’re thinking of Shakira, Anna Kendrick, Dolly Parton, and more… so you’re in good company.








  1. It is empowering

    So you aren’t the 6’0” model or volleyball player — who cares? You never hit your head on door frames, every blanket is long enough for you, and you’re always the top of the human pyramid trick. We love a day to remind us that there’s something to be appreciated about a diversity of heights and body sizes.








  1. There are so many perks to being petite!

    You always look younger, you always have enough leg room, you can wear any heels that you want… we could go on. Being a short woman is absolutely not getting the short end of the stick.










Year Date Day
2021 December 21 Tuesday
2022 December 21 Wednesday
2023 December 21 Thursday
2024 December 21 Saturday
2025 December 21 Sunday

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