National short film day

The start of the motion image enterprise is widely known on national quick film Day on December 28. mainly, this holiday commemorates the event when a public target market regarded a series of quick films for the primary time ever. because then, people have experienced love, tragedy, and drama via films. accessible to all, and the fine in visual amusement, films allow visitors to live vicariously through special characters and testimonies.









 HISTORY OF countrywide brief movie DAY

there has been no person character behind the discovery of cinema. however, there were some human beings indispensable to its take-off and fulfillment. In 1891, a prototype of the kinetoscope was validated successfully by means of the Edison agency. This tool allowed the viewing of movement photographs by means of one individual at a time. 3 years later, the kinetoscope became a sensation and brought about the established order of public parlors global.









It became the Lumière brothers who presented transferring images via a projector for the primary time to a paying target audience of 33 people in Paris, France in 1895. The contraption used for playing the movies changed into their own invention, the ‘Cinématographe’, which was a 3-in-1 camera, projector, and printer. the two brothers, Louis and Auguste Lumière ignited the sector’s fascination with cinema. 10 brief movies were projected, each of them just beneath a minute in length. This turned into an superb second in history, because the seed of ‘watching movies’ become planted on this day. rapid-forward to the modern-day, and we have short films in various styles, genres, and duration. no longer handiest do quick films entertain, however they are also a short way to teach and inform on subjects via storytelling. these documentary films offer insight into the lives of real human beings around the sector.









countrywide brief film Day was initiated by film movement on December 28, 2019. mounted in 2002, film motion is the distributor of many award-winning indie movies set in the big apple city. With extra than 250 shorts and feature movies in their portfolio, their movies had been played at outstanding film fairs global. national short movie Day become created to mark the importance and resilience of the excellent short-movie industry.









  1. Exploring the human spectrum of emotion

    Short films invoke every single emotion in us today, just as they did when they were first introduced.

  2. Movie magic

    The birth of short films meant the birth of modern cinema. Without movies, our lives would have been entirely different. Pop culture wouldn’t exist, neither would meme culture or even celebrities.

  3. We simply love films

    We love National Short Film Day simply because we are film buffs and enjoy entertainment in all its forms. It is a medium for expression and we are all for it!








Year Date Day
2021 December 28 Tuesday
2022 December 28 Wednesday
2023 December 28 Thursday
2024 December 28 Saturday
2025 December 28 Sunday

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