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National Send a Card to a Friend Day

have you ever gotten excited when you open the mailbox and you discover a hand written card or letter? all of us love getting objects inside the mail. however why? possibly its the time it takes to sit down down in our busy lives and write the card. possibly it’s the truth that the person turned into thinking about you when they selected the cardboard. possibly it’s the quaintness of receiving some thing so bodily in our age of rapid digital and immediately gratification. whatever the cause, be a part of us on February seventh as we celebrate countrywide ship a Card to a friend Day!

countrywide send A CARD TO a chum DAY activities

choose out a a laugh card for buddy
half of of the fun in sending a card is selecting out the appropriate one for your pal. Do they love pirates? Do they cross scuba diving? Are they into stupid cards? make an effort out to select one you recognize they may love!

send that card!
just do it! take the time out of your day and take a seat down in your lunch destroy to write out a card to that buddy on the opposite side of the united states. you’ll be satisfied you did.

Have amusing with the stamp
Did you realize the submit office is continuously coming out with a laugh an exciting new stamps? vintage circus, star Trek, famous humans, flora, animals: they have all of them. check along with your neighborhood publish office and discover a stamp that fits your card to a T.

WHY we like national ship A CARD TO a chum DAY

Sending a card indicates you care about humans
have you ever heard the quote: The measure of a existence isn’t what that life accomplishes however alternatively the impact that lifestyles has on others. -Jackie Robinson. Jackie sums it up flawlessly: its all of the little things we can do for others that add as much as how impactful we are in someone’s life and this is of immeasurable price within the grand scheme of things.

Sending a card is right for you!
attaining out on your pals isn’t always only a sweet gesture for them, it can actually make you happier and more healthy too! One 10-yr study of one,500 people over 70 years antique observed that those with stronger friendship networks lived longer than those with fewer pals. So attain out to your pals, even in case you live far away. a bit gesture and effort can mean so much to someone, and can really make their, and your day brighter!

Writing and sending playing cards helps you to say what you need
Writing a card gives you the platform to express the way you experience with out feeling shy or embarrassed. if you have hassle pronouncing matters for your pals like “I miss you” “you are such an crucial a part of my existence” or “thanks for being there for me”, writing gives you the platform to say the stuff you imply or suppose however simply have in no way been capable of. So cross beforehand say what you feel, and assured your buddy will recognize it.


Year Date Day
2021 February 7 Sunday
2022 February 7 Monday
2023 February 7 Tuesday
2024 February 7 Wednesday
2025 February 7 Friday

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