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national save the eagles day

country wide store the Eagles Day on January 10 is an afternoon to elevate focus approximately eagles and to present thanks for the conservation efforts to prevent their extinction. Did you understand that there are greater than 60 different species of eagles inside the world? The bald eagle and the golden eagle are the best two species of eagles located inside the U.S. As poaching, pesticides, human intervention, and other dangers hold to threaten eagle populations across the world, we want to come back together to save and protect those majestic creatures, the symbol of yank freedom.

history OF countrywide shop THE EAGLES DAY

Eagles are the various most powerful and most luxurious birds of prey. Bald eagles are so unique that they are celebrated because the symbol of strength, independence, and beauty inside the U.S. The history of the countrywide keep the Eagles Day is an inspiring tale. It began inside the village of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. It become mid-wintry weather, the precise nesting season for bald eagles, and 2 eagles, fondly named Alice and Al, had nested alongside Overpeck Creek considering that 2011.

In 2014, Skymark development organization of Paramus highlighted a observe mentioning that a landfill close to an eagles’ nest posed community fitness risks. As part of the answer to mitigate the local fitness risks, they argued to eliminate the tree the eagles nested in. when this announcement changed into made public, the area people and the Bergen County Audubon Society organized shop The Eagles Day on January 10, 2015.

soon, an agreement turned into reached between both facets to preserve the a part of the land as eagle park. Alice and Al persisted to nest within the equal place and lived there for several years, and today there may be a new pair that made their domestic inside the equal nest.

today there are many laws such as the Endangered Species Act that defend the welfare of eagles. because of the ongoing attempt of conservationists and the authorities, many species of eagles that had been at the verge of extinction at the moment are increasing in numbers. So let’s celebrate, keep and guide the welfare of eagles on this inspiring day.


  1. It’s a meaningful celebration

    Although the bald eagle species was removed from the endangered species list back in 2007, this day reminds us that there are other different species of eagles that deserve our care and conservation efforts.

  2. Birds are fascinating

    People are generally enthralled by birds. This is even more so when we deal with these majestic birds of prey.

  3. Birds shape the world around us

    Birds are crucial for maintaining balance in the ecosystem. They control pests, move seeds and pollen around, and transfer nutrients across the land.


Year Date Day
2021 January 10 Sunday
2022 January 10 Monday
2023 January 10 Tuesday
2024 January 10 Wednesday
2025 January 10 Friday

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